Quantic Dream's new game, Beyond.

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chi, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. Looks like the reason Naughty Dog changed the appearance of their Ellen Page look a like is because she's actually in this game.


    Last of Us gameplay.

  2. Looks like chronicle directed by Hideo Kojima. Heavy Rain was a fecking amazing game so I'm really looking forward to Quantic Dream's new game. The question is, if it has the same control scheme as Heavy Rain will it be Move compatible? You haven't played Heavy Rain until you've played it with Move.
  3. Move is lame. So is the dildo wand.

    Looking forward to seeing how this game pans out. After they're last two games expect an even more epic game.
  4. The implementation of Move controls in Heavy Rain was excellent. It was a clear step up from the controller.
  5. Probably the only game I'd recommend using the Move over a controller... maybe Tiger Woods 12 too.