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  1. Amazing internet battle in the making. Haters of fat people vs. Imgur!


    Imgur was pulling FPH links, so redditors start outing fat imgur employees. Imgur retaliated by pressuring deletion of the sub itself, Reddit complied and deep 6'd the FPH sub. A few replacement popped up but were also removed.

    Enjoy some 'fat' imgur employees, didn't know Khole Kardashian worked for them.

  2. it's actually still going on. you can see the true damage if you browse /r/all
  3. Reddit is a privately owned forum. They can do whatever the fuck they want.

    Getting rid of FPH was probably a smart business decision because it was a wave of potential cyberbullying and harassment lawsuits waiting to happen.

    There's also a big difference between talking about how much you hate fat people, and personally harassing actual fat people. FPH crossed that line which was why it got the axe.
  4. lol they had a very loose definition of fat. I would say only 5-6 of the people above are fat, some others are on the higher side of a healthy weight. Black cap, asian, blonde, and the dog are skinny!

    Also, top right could make mucho dinero pretending to be Khloe Kardashian.
  5. Did FPH really think there would be no repercussions from trolling the staff of imgur? They really come across looking like huge idiots thinking they would actually get away with it. They trolled the wrong people and they got pwned.

    I know, let's troll the people hosting most of our fat people mockery images! And they also happen to have close ties to Reddit, even better! Fucking genius.

    It's so hilarious how badly this backfired on them.
  6. I laugh a People of Walmart which is also hugely mean spirited, so it would be hypocritical to preach about this. At the same time, those dumbasses prodded the wrong people and felt the wrath of the ban hammer. Welcome to life.

    LOLOLOL! Ellen Pao most punchable/hittable face. They are dragging up everything in her life ever.
  7. I don't really have a horse in this race so it's all pretty hilarious to me.

    Kind of like how I didn't really have a stake in the whole Gamergate SJWs vs MRAs thing that happened like a year ago where some girl with purple hair was sleeping around to promote her game and it caused a huge blowup. But it was all pretty hilarious because both sides were huge fucking idiots and tools.
  8. this actually kinda manifested itself from gamergate. the whole feminism overkill just compounded itself on top of reddit's hate on tumblr just blasted fatpeoplehate into a super popular subreddit. the other hate subreddits that are worse than hating on fat people still exist since they don't have as much visibility.
  9. I think the most hilarious part of this ordeal is the name given to it. The Fattening
  10. These things are usually hilarious because both sides are awful. Take Gamergate, the overkill feminists were idiots and so were the crazy mens' rights misogynists, and anything they did to each other was funny. As far as FPH, the fat acceptance people on tumblr are hilariously delusional, but the FPH folks are huge assholes and bullies. It's like Aliens vs Predator. No matter who wins, the rest of us get to have some lulz.