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  1. I can't decide if I think this looks terrible or good. For now Im erring on the side of good.

  2. Ryan Reynolds = VAC ban
  3. Studio honcho: So, waddya got for me today?

    Studio executive: I've got Men in Black crossed with Ghostbusters starring Ryan Reynolds.

    Studio honcho: *swigs from Dasani bottle, stares blankly*

    Studio executive: With craploads of CGI. Frozen time! Explosions! Ryan Reynolds gets crushed by a bus!

    Studio honcho: Hmmm, did you say CGI?

    Studio executive: And Ryan Reynolds is dead. So it's kind of like Walking Dead. Except it's like MIB.

    Studio honcho: *looks at watch while clearing throat*

    Studio executive: Comic sidekick! Jeff Bridges! Like Wyatt Earp crossed with Bill Murray from Ghostbusters, but he's dead so it's sort of like the sheriff guy from Walking Dead! Except funnier.

    Studio honcho: *raises eyebrow* It just seems like it's missing something.

    Studio executive: Errrr, more CGI?

    Studio honcho: *slight glimmer in eye* Go on. What was that about a bus?

    Studio executive: A scantily clad Marissa Miller is CGI'd onto the windscreen of a bus at high speed! AAA cleavage!

    Studio honcho: Consider it greenlighted.
  4. Looks Good!
  5. Retarded MIB. ;D

    That looks so lame but so right. Jeff Bridges voice in this will piss me off though.
  6. Looks like it could be as good as Wild, Wild West.
  7. I saw Wild Wild West while visiting a friend in Connecticut for a few days. He didn't have air conditioning and there was a heat wave. I have fond memories of that movie even though it was terrible because the theater had air conditioning.
  8. I thought it was alright. I think I may like crappy cheesy films. ;D
  9. I have bad memories of that film because I thought it was on a 2 day hire from Blockbusters. It wasn't though, so I had to pay twice. I don't know how a film like that could be so unenjoyable. Takes a special sort of talent I reckon. I'm sure MIB 2 was close to it but, luckily, my mind has erased any detailed memories. Now it's just a distant fog of dread lurking at the back of my mind.
  10. I saw wild Wild West on my birthday many moons ago. I remember enjoying it.
  11. Is it sad that I know some of the main theme rap of Wild Wild West? ;D
  12. I didn't watch the trailer until I saw the above. Still, way too much gratuitous Ryan Reynolds for even Marissa Miller to contain.

    It was a good song! Will Smith makes good enough movies, they aren't great but good enough!
  13. Wild Wild West. Wiki wiki wild wild west.
  14. http://www.cracked.com/quick-fixes/the-new-movie-that-clearly-men-in-black-rip-off/
  15. [​IMG]

    A blatant rip off of course, but I like the MIB films so I welcome this film.
  16. It seems everyone knows it's a rip off but everyone wants to watch it anyway.
  17. Everything's a rip off of something these days it seems. Men In Black was enjoyable, maybe this will be too.
  18. Have you forgotten, one had Will Smith.... the other, Ryan fucking Reynolds.