Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Your old ranks will be restored as you join. If anyone is unhappy with their old rank they can talk about it here.

    Brand new members will have to wait until they reach 5000 posts before they can get a Custom user rank.
  2. Oky doky, I'll be looking forward to my Sony Stooge rank returning then.
  3. I actually quite like my upgrade from Anime Schoolboy to Last Anime Schoolboy.
  4. Ok cool. I know some people found the ranks Chairmansteve gave them degrading.
  5. I am really tempted to work in an "Avatar: The last airbender" into that rank of yours...
  6. Hah, that was good. "Phisix: The last Animebender" I likes.
  7. That was exactly the title I was thinking of!
  8. The Last AnimeBender I like. So, which would be better, my current or the one which highlights my AnimeBending skills?
  9. You must be out of school by now, it's time for you to be a man and step up to your animebending ways
  10. Indeed. True that. Monkey, work your Chairman skills.
  11. Am not havin' any rank yet:p Or yea, i do, but not the old one:p
  12. Tack sa mycket:D
  13. My final rank was Fearless Hero... I'd be cool with that.
  14. But you play style is more cowering sniper. :D
  15. i reported you
  16. Don't fill my report box with that crap. Fight your own battles.
  17. That deserves a rank of tattletale
  18. If you don't restore my rank, i'm gonna desecrate this place with hasselhoff and it will never get off the ground. On a side note, anybody have problems with how this displays on a phone?
  19. Hasselhoff meltdown averted. For now.

    Also, what phone are you using, and what issues are you having?
  20. Galaxy S on 2.2 now. The page loads wide, I'm guess because the table width is wide. But if I try to resize or scroll down the page, it gets hacked up/pixelates then resizes properly in a few seconds.

    Not a deal breaker, but I'm curious about if it's just my phone or universal. If we want to get new users, I don't think we can ignore the mobile platform.