Re-Re-Rebranding & Setup

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by supersonic, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Finally offloaded this...

    Will take a few days to fix permissions and settings. Let me know any functionality issues... I know it looks super ugly, but I'll have a hipster chic theme by next week
  2. Oh thank god. I thought the forum had died while I was away and been acquired by someone else.
  3. Tapatalk is broken. Fix it.
  4. Why is there no way to edit posts?
  5. why do links show up as blank. what is this xenforo garbage dude? we should go back to SMF.
  6. I actually like SMF better but our install was so fucked I'd have to spend hours on reinstallation and customizations. This is $99/year and I open a support ticket and somebody does it. It just isn't worth my time for that cheap.

    Will do a elevated permissions group shortly. Regular users can't edit posts. You were admin before... trying to figure out permission system.

    You have AdBlock Plus? Embedding Amazon is considered an advertisement and will be striped locally by ABP.
  7. Tapatalk was working before the webpage was even available...

    User error. Seek troubleshooting from Monsly.
  8. we don't need tapatalk now we have emoji
  9. The fucking emoji don't show. What a shit.
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  10. I'm not entirely sure what an emoji is? are they faces in the posts or the post like/dislike thing?


    @cmdrmonkey think you might be right though... this software is surprisingly unintuitive. Is still haven't wrapped my head around the permission system, but...

  11. Is broke

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  12. I'm posting from TT iOS... try logging out/in to TT. Dropped the neo from the name so you'll know if it's the right one.

  13. OK. Working now. So what is this place actually called?

    None of the old YouTube links work now. Bit of a bummer

  14. See this isn't so bad when all said and done.. minimalist and easy on the eyes at night. That shit Tapatalk already pushed out a new update though...

    Will try to fish out og join dates for regulars in Wayback. Give this place a sense of history.
  15. It's getting better. Still prefer the old one.
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