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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. After playing The Wolf Among Us I knew I'd want to read the comics so I got Fables The Deluxe Edition Book 1.


    I've also been reading The War of the Black Tower Trilogy which is just okay. I might put it down and start on book 2 of The Dresden Files. I have the first 7 books of the series.
  2. I read the first Dresden book a long time ago... then I ended up on a neo-nazi website.
  3. So it's a book about a wizard who is a private investigator who practices "semiautomagic." That sounds super gay. It also sounds like every novel ever written by a cheetos eating basement dwelling weirdo in a dirty t-shirt. How did that get published?

    Also does the wizard detective's arm have a selector switch that allows him to switch to "fullautomagic"?
  4. Yeah I didn't think it was that good but there are so many people that say it's amazing that I have to assume I'm in the wrong.
  5. I think if i were a wizard detective I would want pumpactionmagic. Seems like it would waste less magic ammo.
  6. It's a pop culture cash in for uber-nerds that casts a net so wide you're bound to get an audience...
  7. It's a Buffy book. By that I mean its like ever other light magical/fantasy/Gothic entertainment that spun off of the Buffy The Vampire theme. The theme includes a world that is normal by appearance but actually contains magical creatures that only a few select people know about.
  8. Kindle First allows you to download 1 of 4 editor select books each month. Sign up and it's send you an email when it comes time to pick a book. I've gotten 4 books this way. I even read one of them.