Red Dead Redemption 2

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    This is out tomorrow. Anyone else pre-ordered or getting it?
  2. I'm leaning heavily towards waiting for a PC version. I would have bought it for ~$45 from Amazon without hesitation, but they've both raised their Prime membership price and reduced the discount to $10 credit. Screw them. I've hardly bought any newly released games this year and probably won't unless someone starts offering better incentives.
  3. Did not realise that the PC was not releasing with the other versions.

    People playing it now the game looks damn right amazing. Just need to wait until the post comes in the morning to play.

  4. When is it coming to PC?
  5. It hasn't even been announced on PC, but considering GTA V sold over 10 million copies on Steam alone, I am pretty confident it will happen eventually.
  6. since the original rdr wasn't even released on pc, i can tell rockstar to go suck some nuts. i think it took 2 years for gta5 to come to pc too. it's mind boggling what rockstar prioritizes for a pc release. max payne 3 only took a week after console launch to come to pc.
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  7. Few years waiting for a PC I would rather get the console version now.

    Game came today and the first data disk has taken 88 minutes to install and there was a 3GB patch as well. 30 mins left and I can finally play it unless the play disk needs installing as well.

    I have also never seen so many people on my PS4 friends list playing the same game as the same time.
  8. man. the consoles need to move out of that ancient process. it seems so often that I read about slow installations and system updates. not sure if the consoles has slow disk drives or people have ridiculously slow internet speeds.
  9. Maybe it's 10,000 people all downloading the same update at the same time. A better question is why the hell is there a 3GB update? Sounds like a unfinished game went out.
  10. In that case, they should move to a more modern approach to release it in waves rather than all at the same time. x360 released in 2005 and ps3 in 2006 so it's not like this is a new process for them.. to put it in perspective, that's before the original iphone release.
  11. This game is bloody amazing. The little details, the scope and the extras etc. The graphics are really something as well.

    Took this earlier at the start:

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    They use 2.5 inch 5400 rpm inch laptop hard drives. Those things are slow and horrible. Those of us from the master race have been using SSDs for so long now we've forgotten what that was like. But even when we used HDDs they were 7200 rpm desktop models that were faster.

    I didn't care for RDR when I played it on PS3. it was a boring horse riding simulator. I won't be heart broken if it doesn't come to PC.
  13. I considered buying a console for my son just so I could play this game. It's really the only PS3 game I ever enjoyed.
  14. I'm really bitter about it not being on PC.
  15. I got this game as part of an Xbox One X promotion for the console. So far, it's absolutely fantastic. Probably one of the best games I've ever played.
  16. 3 days in and I am still in chapter 2 as I have been doing side quests and whatever interesting things popping up all over the map. This game may take a while.
  17. I changed my mind and picked up a copy today while at the store. I don't anticipate buying many other games this year, so I thought I might as well grab this one. I plan to eventually pick up Spider-Man as well but have enough to play for now. Some ridiculous videos and articles by non-gamers bashing it also influenced my decision. I'm buying it twice, for PS4 Pro and PC, at least partially out of spite.
  18. Get ready to lose your life on it now. :D
  19. Most aspects of the game have impressed me so far. The sound, music, landscapes, and many subtle graphical details are terrific. They seemed to have botched HDR and have a questionable implementation of checkerboard rendering, but otherwise it's very impressive technically. I'm still very early in the game and have found one town and have a bunch of sidequests to do. I managed to get the bear hat, which is obviously very fashionable and draws the eyes of all the ladies.