Religion vs Science

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  1. Religion has been waging a holy war against science, but it loses ground by nanosecond.

    I never understood how/why so many people have faith in a religion. I suspect most of them are hypocrites too. Whenever I meet a religious idiot, I ask some preliminary questions to gauge their hypocrisy.

    Do they believe in aliens, ghosts?
    What do they think about Scientology?
    Why does GOD care about your fucking diet?

    I always find it funny when religious people firmly disbelieve in aliens, or make fun of Scientology. Is their religion really that much more realistic than any of those scenarios?

    I like to shit on all religious equally, but have the most interaction with Christians, so I will shit on Christianity to start off. It's pretty much fact that this religion is fucking stupid. Its stupidity is best displayed with the story of a pregnant virgin giving birth to the avatar/son of god. Really? It's pretty fucking obvious that Mary was one of the biggest whores in all of Nazareth. This stupid bitch didn't even have a last name, and we all know only full-time sluts don't have last names. Anyway this bitch gets knocked up while doing tricks, and still has the fucking audacity to claim shes a fucking virgin? I can only assume Joseph's reaction was "WTF? LOL NOOB". They must have decided to see how far they could take this ridiculous story for money, but I can't imagine even they could predict their level of success. Of course, this came at the cost of severe psychological trauma to their son. This poor kid didn't even have a chance, being told he was the son of god while growing up. This idiot went around trying to heal the sick without a medical degree. A naive guy like this would obviously be taken advantage of and owned hard in real life. His selfish parents set him up for failure for personal gain. They should go down as the most cold-hearted/greatest confidence tricksters who ever fucking lived.
  2. Hoo boy, this is going to be a special thread I can see.

    Anyway, I am with you. I see religion as of just an annoyance. I like things like fact and proof, along with evidence I can see with my eyes.

    Have we seen this God or Jesus? No.

    Here is a juicy tidbit I think is weird. Christianity was created at some-point, and before them were the pagans, if God existed since the start of time, why did it take a long time before Christianity came along? Just another lame faith like Scientology.

    Until I see this God I will continue to think it as void and utter rubbish.
  3. Just thought I'd play Devil's advocate and mention the Higgs Boson.

    It's obvious religions come in generations, like consoles. Christianity is probably like the PS2 or Xbox whilst paganism was a NES.
  5. Science and religion are 2 sides of the same coin; they're both belief systems.

    Science says the moon is part of the Earth that broke off in the early part of our planet's life but, if so, why don't we see evidence of fossils there? Did all the dinosaurs float off into space? It's like the tides; there's no real explanation. YET. But scientists, like priests and rabbis and clerics, hope to find the truth one day. Most tellingly, Darwin - the man accused of killing God - was religious. He was a Christian Orthodontist in his later years. I think a guy who proved chimps came from monkeys without any help from God, might have had some doubts about science being the whole truth.
  6. Who?

    I like what you just did there. The best way to describe it.
  7. The Higgs Boson is a hypothetical massive elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics.

    It's basically a particle that has been thought to exist, in order to explain some inconsistencies in current theoretical physics. A bit like dark matter.

    The Large Hadron Collider is currently running to prove or disprove the existence of the Higgs Boson.
  8. All you need to do is look at the more recent religions like Scientology or the Heaven's Gate Cult to know what bullshit it all is.
  9. Gah wha? Science isn't a belief system, it's a fact system. I just wanted to clear that up for you Monsly. Unless you were trolling a bit.

    @Chi, if you know what the Higgs boson is then why didn't you understand when I was talking about spatial variations in the fine-structure constant? Unless you too were joking.
  10. Science believed the earth was flat. It was wrong. Science believed that rats were born from garbage. It was wrong. Science believed that White Europeans were more evolved than anyone else. It was wrong. I guess those aren't beliefs but truths? Not sure I'd agree.
  11. I am fairly certian that science was used to disprove those claims there Monsly, have you gotten some things mixed up?
  12. Actually it's just a hypothesis, scientists don't claim it to be true. That hypothesis dates that event waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before dinosaurs though. It was when earth was still forming.

    No real explanation for tides? If that was a joke, it was too subtle for me. :)
  13. Science believed them. It had faith they were true. But then those beliefs were challenged and new ones made. You can cherry pick the current science 'truths' to make your point but that makes you no better than someone who sees the love of God in hope and the failure of man in tragedy.
  14. @khaid: Dodnt you hear Bill O'Reilly on tides recently? It was pretty sweet.
  15. Monsly, let’s try explaining it again. Science looks to explain the universe, sometimes multiple ideas fit to the data. Rather than accepting the ideas as truth, they test them rigorously till one is found to be completely correct, then it goes from a hypothesis to a fact.

    Science does not claim that all the ideas derived are right, only those that are proven as so. That is the difference between it and religion. That is why science is not a belief system.
  16. If there's no such thing as indisputable truth then everything else is a belief. If you can't grasp this then you're ignorance is just as bad as religious zealots that you look down on, for some unfathomable reason.
  17. I didn't say that there wasn't? Where the hell did I say anything like that? I said the hypothesis are not considered indisputable truths till they are proven as such, so science isn't a belief system. Conjectures can still be raised, but that doesn't mean that they are automatically considered true as you seem to be suggesting.

    GAAAAH! Why am I falling for this obvious troll.
  18. So indisputable truth exists? Yet it can change? How does that work? It sounds almost like how religious truths and beliefs have changed over time. Fundamentalism is never a good thing, whatever side you choose to believe in.
  19. But isn't it true that beauty is truth? And since everything is beautiful, then the truth is indisputable and therefore God is real but the moon itself is a giant fossil, one of the oldest dinosaurs around.
  20. Damn you Monsly! You have made yet another nemesis in me, ARMITAGE! And you shall be on the receiving end of my fury!