Remember when...

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Remember when we had 2 head VCRs and Reese's Pieces where popular after ET?
  2. Remember when they put glitter in toothpaste?
  3. Is this an elaborate promotion for Pepperidge farm?
  4. Remember when monsly was funny?
  5. Lol what.
  6. No.
  7. You BITCH.
  8. It was called Crest Sparkles. I don't think they sell it anymore. Maybe it was poison.
  9. Remember when penny sweets actually cost a penny?
  10. I thought they still were? I used to get two £1 bags full back in the day. ;) I loved my sweets lol.
  11. I've always had a serious sweet tooth. I used to get £2 a week pocketmoney so I'd buy a £1 bag of penny sweets (that was actually 100 sweets) and the latest issue of Sonic The Comic. Winning.
  12. Indeed. Flying saucers for the win!
  13. I used to have Colgate Sparkle Toothpaste as a kid. No idea if it had real glitter inside, but I can confirm that it WAS poison. Tasty fucking tooth rotting poison.
  14. Yeah they were ace but they were also 2p so I only ever got a few each time. So I guess my bag had around 90 sweets, not 100 as earlier stated.
  15. Hah, good memories :D
  16. Remember when PC vs Console discussions were actually fun to read!
  17. OMG Remember Stompers!


    I had this one that went in water!

  18. Remember when Saturday night TV was actually watchable?
  19. I think the only saturday night tv i watched was saturday night live
  20. remember TGIF?? OK how about Hallmark After School Specials?? Hey don't look at me like that, I just remember them! I didn't actually WATCH them lol.