Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. Another new Resident Evil game is coming.

    Yep, another team based Resident Evil game like Outbreak, but this time the console/s in question have a good online which everyone will have access to.
  2. Zombies detecting you by smell? Someone at Capcom has been watching 'Walking Dead'...
  3. Resident Evil Outbreak is the worst Resident Evil by far. Even worse than Survivor on PS1. I'm suspicious about this one.
  4. Only because it was online only. Not many people outside of Japan had PS2 online, whereas everyone is online with Xbox and PS3, so this should do well. Like Left4Dead I would assume.
  5. The Resi Outbreak I played wasn't online only. Maybe it had an online feature but I used to play with the cpu. Everything about that game sucked, the "story", the dialogue, the gameplay. I didn't like it. I still haven't played left 4 dead but from what I can gather it's meant to be awesome.
  6. There were two Resident Outbreaks. Maybe you could play with the Cpu, but I am sure they were only online versions which you needed friends or other online people to play with.
  7. Yeah they made Outbreak then Outbreak the 2nd file. My mate had the first on PS2 and yes you could play with the CPU because as you said no-one had a ps2 online. It was terrible and I wouldn't wish that game on anyone.
  8. New information and titbits.

    Interesting. Seems a definite buy for me. Then again, I am a Resi Evil fan.
  9. More news.

  10. Sounds good :)