Retailers report: PS3 trade for Xbox 360 due to PSN outage.

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  1. complete report in the link

    Nothing is free even PSN
  2. Not surprising. A lot of impatient little kids buy consoles.
  3. jaja, impatient kids..."shure"!
  4. Must be some of the people who got PS3s after trading in their RROD 360s; that would explain the high numbers.

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    U mad bro?
  6. Like I said before. You wouldn't believe the amount of topics I've seen on the black ops forums about people trading in their PS3's for 360's. Sony have lost so much money because of this hack it's unreal. The PS Store, developers advertising their products on PSN, consumers becoming angered with Sony's handling of this situation. We're talking billions of dollars.
  7. I don't think it'll be a major number that switch over this but it's undoubtedly done Sony harm. I wonder how much their online store will suffer in particular; they'll lose customers and I think we could see a switch to the use of more pre-paid cards and that'll hurt sales I'm sure as impulse buys will become less likely. I've definitely heard more than a few genuine PS3 owners utterly pissed off about this on other forums but there's been more trolling than anything. Hardly surprising given the average maturity of cereal gamers; plenty of PS3 fans with trollololols over the RROD are previous evidence of that.
  8. I mostly use my PS3s for Blu-ray and media streaming, so I don't particularly care that PSN is down. Also, it's a free service, and a pretty decent one at that, so people need to quit their bitching.
  9. I can play online games and such on my pc for free too, but i would be pretty damn pissed if i couldnt go online anymore for more then 3 weeks.
  10. I was defending Sony to begin with. After all, it wasn't their fault they got hacked and no matter what protection you have, if someone wants to get in badly enough, they'll get in. What peeves me (and a lot of PS3 owners) is their lack of updates, or the fact that when they do update, it's always the same thing.

    "We're working around the clock...we expect some services to be up within a few days... full services by May 31st... we didn't know the full extent of the damage... we apolgise for any inconvenience... we thank you for your patience."

    Every update they're released so far has pretty much been the same. They haven't given any explanation as to why they've missed 4 or more of their own estimates for PSN being back online. If they just said the network won't be back on for two months we'd all accept that. We hate being led on by failed estimate after failed estimate. They biult the damn network they must know roughly how long it will take to rebuild. I know it would be bad for business for them to admit the network would be down for a very long time but surely it's even worse business to piss off your consumers and lose a large chunk of them to your main rivals.

    The situation isn't Sony's fault, but the way they've handled it is. I'm really getting bored of playing my sinlge player games now. I've even played on the Xbox a couple of times which I haven't really done since I got my PS3. I just hope PSN is back online... soon. I love playing games online and I'm starting to get pretty pissed off now. I know Sony don't owe us anything for the situation but they have to win back the trust of a lot of their consumers, their "compensation" package is a joke, it's just a marketing ploy. Sony are shit.

    I await gaffers response.
  11. I don't know what is happening with you this is the real reason :

    PSN Failure: Credit Card Data Potentially Compromised
  12. Although I am only repeating an utterance that has made its way to me though many channels and therefore is completely unreliable, unverifiable or not even sure to be true I have heard that in order for games to be playable on the new PSN they're going to need updates.

    Problem: Which developers are going to spend time creating a patch to allow a game to run on a system that has to be fixed because the provider of said system did a shitty job of keeping it secure? Not many.

    Again, this isn't something I can say 100% for sure is the case but, from the sound of the changes they're trying to make to the service, (some) games are going to need patching before they can get back online. I imagine the delays are down to Sony not wanting to put a system in place only to have no games work on it. If this is the case, they are fucking screwed.
  13. True, but as of yet there have been no reports of unauthorised use of said credit cards. The hackers don't have the all important SSC numbers, hence Sony hasn't been saying "Cancel your credit cards" they've been saying "Be vigilant of scam emails/phone calls asking for details".
  14. Gaffer's currently looking into a new religion
  15. Well i remember when Xbox360 rings of death arrive to the console.Everybody was mocking and bashing microsoft and now SONY PS3 is getting trouble ,people think is not reliable.

  16. NETFLIX!!!!!!