Rick Perry is a cunt of the highest magnitude.

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  1. I live half way across the globe and pricks like this still make me get fired up. Anyway, Rick Perry is a douche and I felt like sharing this wholly appropriate video that I found. It’s the perfect response to his original campaign commercial.

  2. subtle yet strong
  3. He's a flaming homo. I'm calling it now. The biggest homophobes always are. Can't wait for him to get caught sucking cock through a glory hole in a train station bathroom.
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  5. Lmao! Hilarious.
  6. [​IMG]

    Looks like he definitely prefers syrup.

  7. So who are the Republicans even running at this point? You have this douchebag who went completely retarded during a debate, and went so far with his homophobia and religious extremism that even hardcore Republicans are turned off. You've got pizza man who apparently likes to get creepy with women and grope them. Do they have any serious candidates?
  8. Even more alarming about the pizza man is the fact that he apparently knew almost nothing about the areas that would be the most important for the presidency.

    The insane thing about Perry's behavior is that he is probably only average in this pool in terms of bigoted homophobia. Michele Bachmann (not counting her husband, that is) and especially Rick Santorum easily top him in hatred towards gays.

    The one guy who may have justified disdain for gays is Ron Paul considering Bruno tried to molest him.


    It seems very unlikely that the Republicans will be able to win the presidency. Just the Republican primary process itself is devastating to their general election prospects. Even semi-sane candidates like Huntsman and Romney have to state all sorts of exaggerated lunacy in order to appeal to the Tea Party zealots in what seems like two dozen debates, then they have to turn around and try to sell themselves as being more moderate to appeal to the public in the general election. Democrats could just take a few clips from the GOP primary debates and use them as very effective campaign ads. I think Obama would need to kill and eat one of his children on video and upload it to youtube to lose.

    To put things in perspective, the Republicans' frontrunner has recently proposed forcing young children in school to be made janitors' assistants part of the day and clean the rich kids' crap instead of schoolwork. Their top choice has those types of Oliver Twist fantasies for America. If the American public elects a guy who says that kind of thing, they deserve what they get.
  9. The Republicans do seem set on turning this country into something out of a Charles Dickens novel.

    If they had any knowledge of history, they would know that their Laissez-faire/social Darwinist style socioeconomic policies were all discredited back in the 19th century because they created too much class inequality, and the vast majority of people ended up living in crushing poverty. And here were are again with massive class inequality thanks to their stupid policies during the Bush years.

    Anyway, let them keep spewing insane bullshit. Obama will be a shoe in.
  10. Today's GOP doesn't consider that to be a negative. The libertarian wing of the party basically has the swing vote control of everything these days, and libertarians are basically feudalists. They're not comfortable with representative government and consider money to be the only legitimate path to power. The idea of common citizens votes being able to counterbalance their amassed wealth is upsetting to them.
  11. Perry is a tool and puppet like everyone else. Hopefully everyone here is voting for Ron Paul, yes? He's the only Amerikan running. That is- he's the only one not bought.
  12. It looks that way for me. It's tough sell for me given that I'm socially liberal and fiscally moderate, but I don't have any acceptable alternatives. There's a warmongering, bank sycophant neocon in sheep's clothing in Obama and all but one warmongering, bank sycophant neocons on the Republican side. The only one left is Paul. I do worry about his ideas for self-regulation of big business and his stances on social issues, however. But at least he opposes batshit crazy ideas like indefinite detention without trial. If he can clean up some of the corruption and addiction to corporate money, that's at least a start. I'll get some things I want. With Obama, he'll tell me he'll give me all that I want during his campaign and I end up with nothing.
  13. I was looking at an article on the BBC website earlier about the Republican candidates. What a scary bunch. Ron Paul seemed the best option but I don't think I'd vote for any of them.
  14. Obama is basically Bush in blackface. I never thought I'd say that but it's true.

    The guy tells the public what they want to hear and then just looks out for corporate interests. He's a neocon masquerading as a liberal.

    I'm probably going to vote for Ron Paul. He's the most sane option. I don't agree with a lot of his ideas, but at least he'll look out for our civil liberties, which have eroded away to almost nothing under Bush and Obama.

    The main way to fix this country would be to outlaw lobbying. That's the main source of corruption. But I don't think that will happen.
  15. Hilarious

  16. Ron Paul has personally proposed the elimination of both the Sherman antitrust act as well as the Clayton antitrust act, which would significantly weaken federal authority regarding corporate monopolies and cartels. He's also right in line with other GOP candidates when it comes to lowering corporate tax rates and eliminating inheritance taxes.

    I don't think most people have any idea of what Ron Paul's legislative record actually is.

    Also, what exactly do you consider Obama to have promised without delivering?
  17. I know that he has many extremely conservative positions, but where are we if we don't have basic civil liberties? Paul is the only candidate who is actually opposed to continuing our string of wars, with Iran being the neocons' next stop, and the only candidate even talking about fighting SOPA or the NDAA provisions. As Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks said, voting for Ron Paul is sort of like the nuclear option for liberals, a complete reset, but unfortunately I think we're at that point.

    If you just study the way Obama has handled the NDAA, you'd see that we have to get this guy out of office. He pretended to want to veto the measure, then he privately asked to have his power to be expanded even further, which Carl Levin confirmed.

    Then he quietly signs it on New Year's Eve when no one is paying attention. He attaches a signing statement, which he had maintained he wouldn't be using as president, and it indirectly confirms the insane level of power it gives him. Obama apologists try to dismiss the dangerous laws he's passing such as the NDAA provision authorizing indefinite detention by the military without charge or trail as not applying to US citizens, but it's clear in the language in Obama's own signing statement that he knows it does.

    My administration won't use this power...unless of course I decide to change my mind.

    This signing statement has NO POWER and WILL NOT PROTECT YOU. It's meaningless and cannot affect what was actually signed into law. Obama claims he rejects the idea of using this power when Carl Levin admitted that Obama was the one who demanded it. This language clearly demonstrates that the power is there in the law and that future presidents may implement them. In fact, Obama is free to use them as much as he likes now that it is law. The signing statement has no power whatever; the NDAA provision is LAW. This guy cannot be trusted, and if you can't see it, I don't know what to tell you.

    What has he done to prosecute corporate criminal bankers stealing $8 trillion out of the Federal Reserve? Has he reduced military activity, taxed the wealthiest citizens, ect.? Hardly anything "Campaign Obama" has promised has actually been delivered by President Obama. I have liked a few things, such as the Consumer Financial Protections Bureau constructed by Elizabeth Warren, which I thought would never happen, and repealing DADT in the military. The healthcare plan is not what I wanted it to be at all given that there is no public option or restrictions on insurance companies to control costs. He's delivered a handful of good and truckloads full of disaster.
  18. Obama has proven himself to be sneaky and backstabbing at every turn. I regret voting for the guy. The way he passed NDAA, which effectively turns the US into a police state, was particularly slimy.
  19. How are you going to have civil liberties if Ron Paul consistently opposes federal enforcement of civil rights and equal rights? This is what most people don't understand about Ron Paul or the libertarian mindset. They literally don't believe the federal government should be involved in passing laws that enforce all the rights they claim they support...which begs the question: how will your civil liberties be protected? For example, Ron Paul said within the last year that he wouldn't have voted for the Civil Rights Act. Huh?

    Also, wouldn't you consider the right to organize labor and form unions to be part of civil liberty? Ron Paul, just like all the current GOP candidates, is anti-union. He also supports the repeal of the minimum wage. Those aren't "anti-corporate" stances, just like slashing corporate taxes isn't anti-corporate.

    When Obama started his campaign, he advocated a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. This was a HUGE controversy at the time. The GOP constantly attacked him for that idea. He never changed that stance, and the Bush administration ultimately made a late term deal with Iraq for a timetable. Did Obama change any of that when he took office? No. He oversaw the withdrawal exactly as promised. He also promised to end the Bush administration practice of carrying the cost of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars off the books, and kept that promise. The fact that he did that is one of the reasons the GOP found it so easy to attack the budget proposals as "out of control" spending, which does make it impressive that he never waffled on that issue despite the intense budget arguments.

    Obama's other two major promises were regarding a middle class tax cut (delivered almost immediately as part of the stimulus package) and health care reform. He didn't promise a progressive solution to health care. He promised reform. And, truth be told, the ACA does represent reform. It's not a complete solution by any means, but it's also something that no other president had been successful in achieving in the past half-century.

    Obama is far from perfect, but I think he gets short shrift for quite a few things.
  20. And I think what you are not understanding is that I have not completely abandoned everything I have believed in and pledged to blindly obey Libertarian principles forever. We need a candidate who is non-establishment to try to roll back the NDAA provisions, audit the Federal Reserve, prosecute corporate criminals, and re-establish basic rights. When we have the basics intact, I will have no problem in working to boot him back out in the next election if I can find someone who actually represents my positions. Currently, there is no alternative for me. Or for you if you realized that "Campaign Obama" is not President Obama.

    It's stunning to me that you're talking about unions and the minimum wage when I'm talking about the Constitution (not the Tea Party bullshit of using the Constitution as a prop; I mean actual laws crushing Constitutional rights), the backbone of our government. The path to keeping my civil liberties is to keep voting for the guy who is trying to circumvent the Constitution? And oppose the guy who is taking a stand against this behavior? OK...

    And I noticed that you didn't even to try to address the majority of the content of the post you replied to, which outlined Obama's deceptions and quest to dismantle the Constitution under the guise of protecting us from terrorism. It would be entertaining to see you try to defend Obama's behavior pertaining to the NDAA. I'll pop some popcorn and get ready for that. You'll need to deliver an extraordinary performance there.

    He expanded military action and will continue to attack other countries he targets in a manner that would make neocons secretly proud. The healthcare plan was reshaped into a very conservative, pro-insurance plan. The payroll tax cut further whittles away at funds for Social Security. Name the candidate who is actually pro-Social Security. Yes, Ron Paul admits he would destroy it, but which candidate isn't in truth going to try to do the same thing? The rest of the pack dangle it as a carrot to the public while they continue to steal from the fund and slash benefits. Give me an actual liberal candidate who would represent my views and I'll vote for him instead. I don't have that option, which is why I'm going to vote for Paul, who will at least try to give me a few of the key things we need.