RIP - Top Gear

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  1. BBC fires Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear after a string of incidents. The catalyst was him pimp slapping a producer because he was served a cold sandwich!!!

    Honestly, as much as I hate to see him and the show go, if this was a US show it would've been shit canned a long time ago. They have made a lot of racist/xenophobic remarks over the years that would't fly over here.

    These guys knew jack fucking shit about cars, but made up for it in raw entertainment. The 3 presenters basically got to play with super expensive toys, doing bizarre shit in exotic locations. All on the BBC's dime... seemed like a dream job.

  2. Didn't it turn into a talk show anyway? Seems like every time I saw them they were sitting on a couch interviewing guest.
  3. Just seen this and have to comment on them knowing nothing about cars.

    That is completely untrue, they know a lot about cars but this was an entertainment show and cars came second. They all work for car mags and papers etc on the side.

    Clarkson even worked on Top Gear when it was a serious car show, it got cancelled because everyone lost interest in serious car shows. Some of the other old presenters from old Top Gear (Tiff, Quinton* etc) still do car shows elsewhere like 5th Gear but they end up on other channels that no one pays attention to. There are a few serious car episodes of new top gear but they are rare.

    You watch them during the news, or off the cuff bits, they have loads of car knowledge about obscure shit. Watch Clarkson with a celeb during the reasonably priced car segment, they mention a car they had he comes back with info on it instantly no matter how old.

    *Did Vicky Butler Henderson do Top Gear? I can't remember but she is on 5th gear now. 5th gear tries to do a combination of serious and entertainment but I find it dull which just goes to show that Top Gear won't work without these 3. I expect James to quit based on his twitter feed the past few weeks, Richard does anything for money so he may stay but then he is the mosy dull of the 3.
  4. James May has said he won't do it without Jeremy so that's the nail in the coffin for me.

    The BBC were apparently looking for a replacement Clarkson but now 2 are gone it just won't be the same. I expect Hammond to follow suit.
  5. Hopefully Hammond does so another company can offer those three a deal for a brand new car show on a different channel.
  6. They should call it something like maximum transmission
  7. They could always just film them in a pub drinking and making xenophobic remarks while pimp slapping people.
  8. The producer has resigned now so they must be planning something.
  9. Hammond is out!

    Top Gear will be back with an all new cast. As long as it's more entertainment than actual car talk, it could be OK. I hope they don't make it into some boring show. Supposedly the old team is working on a Netflix deal, but I don't believe it. The US is way too PC for some of the shit they said on BBC.
  10. Trailer for the finale...

  11. Clarkson, May and Hammond have signed up to Amazon for 3 series, looks like Prime will come in useful after all.
  12. Thought Clarksons comment about changing from biplane to a rocketship with this move was a bit childish and petty. I wonder how well the show will do - really went off it the last few seasons; way too scripted mainly.
  13. Netflix is a spaceship. Amazon Prime is like going from a biplane to a paddle boat...

    Also, I'd be surprised if a US company has a higher tolerance for his schtick than the BBC. They were pretty lenient in my opinion, here they'll cut you loose to the trolls and SJWs with no hesitation.
  14. I think part of this decision is based on them having a contract clause which says they can't make a similar show for another terrestrial TV station for 2 years otherwise I would have expected them to have ended up on ITV.

    This may just be a stop gap, depending on how it goes. Still it may end up giving Amazon lots more subs too.
  15. They're thinking too small. What about a Top Gear movie?
  16. That would just be Mad Max Fury Road
  17. Matt Le Blanc has been revealed as one of the presenters...

    This version is probably going to tank, expect the BBC to cancel it within 2 years.

    Evans and Le Blanc just don't fill me with any kind of confidence. They better come up with an amazing number 3 of they want to get anywhere.

    I expect the Amazon show to destroy it at the moment.
  18. Here is your amazing #3.

  19. 7 minutes in and it feels weird. Gonna give it at least the whole episode.