Robocop Reboot

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Nothing much know about it at the moment but the new Robocop will be Joel Kinnaman, whoever that is.

    Here a picture of the new look:

  2. He looks so generic, like the guys from Haze.
  3. That's not robocop. Robocop is chrome, period. This is just some guy in a rubber suit. "Dead or alive you're bouncing off me!" it looks like robobatcopman.

  4. That could be the normal police outfit he wears before he goes robo.
  5. I hardly think so.
  6. Looks pretty similar.
  7. It's not cool when everyone else is in a gimp suit

    Plus they've already had the teaser of robo cop's shoulder
  8. Why do they have to reboot everything? The original worked because it was a Paul Verhoeven film that didn't take itself too seriously. They'll probably get McG or Michael Bay or some other asshat to direct this and it will be horrible.
  9. Am I the only one who feels back in the day the idea of a RoboCop was cool and futuristic but now that this sort of thing is quasi plausible I find the idea of a half man half emotionless machine cyborg police officer pretty creepy.
  10. It will be our future. American police are already like that.
  11. The director is Jose Padilha, who did Elite Squad: Enemy Within. I had never heard of it before, but once you read some of the reviews for it on Rotten at least seems like a fairly plausible choice for directing a Robocop remake.
  12. I watched both Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) movies. Those movies are the legitist of legit legitisms the legit world has legitimately ever known. Their ratings on imdb are legit.

    All I could remember while playing Max Payne 3 were the elite squad movies. The UFA in MP3 are based off the BOPE.. a really corrupt twisted version of them of course.