Ronda Rousey

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  1. Doubt anybody watches MMA here, but this woman is a beast!
    5 foot 7 inch @ 135lbs with a 66 inches strike. Her preferred move is a hiptoss with arm-bar finish.
    Sits undefeated at 11-0
    - 10 of those wins were Round 1 take downs
    - 7 wins under 1 minute
    - 4 under 30 seconds
    - 1 under 15 seconds

    She is actually so proficient with the arm-bar refs have stopped matches early to preserve limbs. She's even considered a favorite against male opponents near her weight class. A professional male fighter would probably take her in my opinion, but it would be interesting to see her fight a 6'3" 250lb untrained man. I don't think it would be as one sided as internet tough guys believe. This was her latest fight over the weekend ending in a 14 second tapout:
  2. I've never understood why MMA is so popular. Most of the fights just come down to a single mistake or lucky punch/kick and it's over. I remember when Kembo Slice was supposed to be some big deal…what a joke! Most of the competitors have mediocre or worse career records.
  3. Yeah I don't get it either. The dudebros seem to love it. The matches are over in 10 seconds and always come down to a mistake. And you have clowns and jabronis who talk tough before the fight and get taken out in one hit. The Jabroni factor seems to be even worse with the women, who are usually all talk and zero stamina in the ring. I'd say it's boring, but the matches don't even last long enough for it to be boring.
  4. Pretty sure you both made that up, maybe from the video... missing the point that she is an anomaly. Most matches are 8-11 minutes depending on weight class. Max time is either 15 or 25 minute depending on the event. It doesn't go on for an hour like boxing because it's a much more exhaustive fight, which triggers mistakes.

    I'm not avid fan, I watch free matches on Hulu/YT. It provides decent violence for entertainment without delving into the morally reprehensible territory of LiveLeaks and WorldStar.

  5. MMA fights usually consist on a bunch of feints, whiffs, and grabbing/tripping, and then someone lands a lucky punch/kick and starts elbowing the fallen opponent in the head and it's done. Ken Shamrock, who is supposedly a "legend" in MMA, has a career record of 28-15-2.
  6. The male fighters end up bloodied and the loser goes home pretty busted looking... not sure what you mean by feints and whiffs. There is definitely a preference for getting to the ground and grappling. I suspect it has to do with preserving energy as well as health. Throwing hay-makers at each others faces is a good way to end up with a short career and/or life.

    This is the one match RR went into the 3rd round. Doesn't look like they were holding back. That other chick got fucked up but tapped before her elbow was about to go. Rousey has taken out a few elbows in other videos, looks sick.
  7. I'm not making anything up. Was in a fraternity in college and the bros and brosefs would make a huge thing of MMA fights, often having parties for them. Except they were basically non-events because the fights were over so fast. It was really anticlimactic and lame.

    Also if women are going to fight and get all passionate like that, they should be required to kiss and make up after its over.
  8. Uhhhhhh...look at the first 10 seconds of the Rousey fight you just posted. Neither one connects with anything, then they start grabbing. Mission accomplished!
  9. Yeah. It's definitely too quick for something like that... I could see how that would suck, I would be pissed to pay for a 14 second fight. Only acceptable on YouTube. Must be why they schedule fights one after another as part of an event night now.

    I went to a sports bar with friends once, and it happened to be a MMA fight night. They tried to charge us $40 cover apiece at the door. Told them to fuck off and they still sat us in the 'event' section. Only 5 people showed up for their stupid $40 markup anyway.

    But that's her MO: throwdown + armbar. She's got it down to 1 minute per match...

    No other match works that way. The mens fights are pretty brutal, they can trade punches for a while. Even when they go to the floor, they get back up and start in again. You are correct in that the quality of the fight (for the viewer) disintegrates rapidly. You can tell they are tired by round 2, and by round 3 one person looks ready to give up. It's entertaining enough for YouTube/Hulu watching. I wouldn't host a party for it.
  10. I've watched MMA since the early days of the first UFCs (called no holds barred back then) and later Pride FC. I used to study Brazilian jiu-jitsu and judo as well. I haven't been as into it since the UFC took over everything, shifting MMA to mostly the US. I'm not crazy about how heavily wrestling is favored. In Pride FC, there was more focus on who was trying to finish the fight.

    Rousey's judo skills are pretty amazing. I've seen most of her pro fights.
  11. That's because he should have retired years ago, and he's still trying to fight. He's 51 years old and has a fight scheduled this year.
  12. Those are ring girls, but there are some very hot women in MMA. Actually, I'd happily pass on the ring girls for a night with Lena Ovchynnikova.



    Rose Namajunas is pretty damn fine as well.

  13. Which is the point: why would that be so popular? Paying to see someone put an armbar on low-skilled opponents with carefully crafted "undefeated" records against even lower skilled opponents?
  14. They aren't "low-skilled" opponents. They only look that way compared to Rousey, who is on another level compared to anyone in her division.

    She had a sparring match with Gilbert Melendez, who just challenged Anthony Pettis for the UFC Lightweight title. She did not look out of place at all despite giving up a considerable amount in muscle/ strength. Melendez is in the top 5 in the world in the men's LW division.

  15. Losing in 14 to 60 seconds equals low-skilled. A pro sport with actual pro level competition should be able to generate more competition than that. That's like an MLB pitcher giving up a home run every inning and being called "skilled".
  16. Baseball is not a combat sport. There are plenty of quick finishes in boxing and kickboxing.
  17. This guy has 50lbs and a few inches on her... he let himself get caught in that position and she fucked him up. Still think 50lb is enough to throw her around like a ragdoll if he wanted.
  18. I seriously doubt that. She'd snap his arm in half long before any ragdolling occurred. I think you're overestimating 50 lbs. and greatly underestimating the skill of an judo Olympian medalist. I'm pretty confident the guy in the video would disagree with you vehemently as well.

    BTW, I saw an older version of this video 2 or 3 years ago. My comment is still there.
  19. I don't get it. The guy just stood there and let her throw him to the floor.
  20. That's the problem. The excitement level is too high vs. a real MMA fight.