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  1. AMD revealed their new 5000 processor today. According to them, the 5900X and 5950X are now the fastest single core, multicore, and gaming processor that you can buy.

    They showed the 5900X breaking the Cinebench single core record and posted their own gaming benchmarks against Intel. It's a 26% increase in performance on average at 1080p over the last gen Ryzen. The blue lines represent an Intel i9 10900K.


    The 5600X price seems a little high to me.
    • Ryzen 5 5600X (6c/12t) $299
    • Ryzen 7 5800X (8c/16t) $449
    • Ryzen 9 5900X (12c/24t) $549
    • Ryzen 9 5950X (16c/32t) $799
  2. According to my stock portfolio these CPUs are great. I really want them to tackle video cards. All the recommendations suggest nVidia.
  3. AMD showed their big Navi card directly competing with the 3080 so I believe they will have a full line up to compete with Nvidia's cards with the exception of the 3090. I'd also like to think that many games will be optimized for AMD because XBox and Play Station use AMD GPUs.
  4. Well, now we know why they are charging $300 for a "mid-range" 5600X. It smoked Intel's fastest chip in single core performance in PassMark.

  5. Do you guys see sub $1000 24 core CPUs in the next year? I'm thinking about building a PC but an epic (eypc?) "final PC" for like 10 years. I was orginally gonna do it at 12, then 16, but I guess the hussle never ends because 64 cores are out...

    I think I'm having a mid life crisis lol
  6. Wow, this is not the best year for Intel. I'm so glad I sent the 7700K and associated components back and went with 1800x Ryzen instead. I could see the potential, and they have definitely gone all out to realize it. AMD has made an incredible comeback, and I wouldn't be shocked if their GPUs continue to progress towards competitiveness with Nvidia. The 1800x/ AM4 platform had early compatibility issues and was criticized for not being quite as good as Intel for gaming due to initially slower single core speed. They've not only caught up but are now smoking Intel's chips.
  7. I don't think AMD will release a new Threadripper until 2022. When they do, it will be on the 5nm node and supporting DDR5. But that's over a year away. You best bet right now is the 16 core Ryzen 9 5950X. It should be the undisputed performance king until Intel's Rocket Lake comes out in 6 months.
  8. Another early benchmark. 5800X crushing it in CPU-Z.

  9. AMD is back on top and has taken the gaming and productivity crowns by a large amount. I'm not sure of the last time that has happened.

  10. In hoping although it won't happen that nvidia brings their prices down... All AMD needs to do now is have stock and they've won

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  11. I managed to score a 5600X off Amazon but it's not scheduled to arrive until March.
  12. It's a rough time to build a computer. Parts are extremely scarce and the prices are jacked. Even old used stuff is getting jacked.

    I'm going to hold off on upgrading my desktop for a year or two.
  13. Dude I’ve been trying to build a PC but everything is being scalped for crazy markup. Even my Ryzen 1700 PC would cost more to assemble USED than it did brand new.

    Assumed this was due to covid supply chain crap? It took me 5 months to get an ikea desk last year lol

    @bfun did you pay retail price?
  14. I did pay normal retail price. I've been using an inventory tracker that updates every second and it still took a month to get one. I was close several times. I almost had one from Best Buy a few days ago but they had some weird anti-bot thing going on and I lost it. Unfortunately I'll still have to wait months for it to ship unless Amazon moves my delivery date up. They could also cancel the order. I wouldn't be too surprised if that happened. Things will only get worse with these stimulus checks. Everyone has $600 burning a hole in their pocket. It would be a really crappy time to have a video card die.

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    I'd actually steer people in the direction of gaming laptops or prebuilt desktops at the moment. Never thought I'd say that. Gaming laptops have actually gotten pretty good though.

    I have a GTX 970 as a spare in case anything happens to my 1070. Grabbed it for 60 bucks from a poorly watched ebay auction that never went above the initial bid back in 2019 to have as a backup. At that time crypto had crashed and a lot of used cards were cheap. I don't think I'd sell my used video cards again. They go through such horrible periods of scarcity and price gouging that it's best to have spares on hand.
  16. Agreed. My Sister called me about an IBUYPOWER gaming PC for my nephew before Christmas. It was basically an i5 and a 1650 Super for $700. I said do it. It's not going to get cheaper than that anytime soon. I'm also glad I decided to buy the gaming laptop for my son. My plan to build him a gaming PC would have failed.
  17. I’m okay to wait out the supply chain problems. I’m already looking at an expensive build. I don’t get the mentality of people willfully getting ripped off. Why would you need a custom PC so badly...
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    I don't get it either. At least on the gaming side there's nothing that even needs bleeding edge hardware right now other than Cyberpunk, and it only needs it because it's badly optimized. Waiting for the supply and pricing issues to get sorted out and for some actual next gen games to hit is the smartest move.

    Also every generation has puncher video cards like the Radeon 9700 Pro, 8800 GT, and GTX 970 that punch outside their price range and bring high performance to the masses. Eventually we will get cards like that this gen. Those cards are always worth waiting for, and they always leave the early adopters who bought the expensive cards kicking themselves.
  19. The 5600 will come out eventually and it will probably be a better value than the 5600X, but I didn't want to wait. Amazon moved my ship date to the end of this month so that's nice.
  20. Unless they are mining crypto.