Saint\'s Row 3

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  1. Brilliant news. I actually love the other two and it made a welcome change from what we had with GTAIV. Just wholesome fun like the PS2 Grand Theft Auto's.

    Nothing else so far, so I will update this page with the trailer and information once there are some.

    Anyway, anyone excited for this?
  2. I wonder if they'll attempt to port it to PC this time. Their last attempt was so goddamn aweful it wasn't even funny.

    I never played too much of the series, I got my fix for that sort of thing with San Andreas. If SR3 gets positive reviews I'll probably give it a go.
  3. SR2 seemed pretty damn rough and cheap when I tried it. Didn't grab me but I'll keep on eye on this sequel anyway.
  4. I always get this confused with crackdown. Not sure what I think about it,
  5. Looking forward to this game, while saints Row has never been as good as GTA it's always a laugh and A good way to spend 20-30 hours and the story is usually of a decent standard.
  6. Might get this for the PC, if it turns out to be not a crappy port :)
  7. The two Saints Row's were not designed to be the most amazing game. It was designed for a fun sandbox style game in the vein of the older Grand theft Auto's with some of their own features.
  8. A small update.

  9. Some new updates:

    Nothing new or amazing, but the game will not be in Saints Row and will not feature the main character from the first two games. Whether this means you are a new member of the Saints or another crew is not known yet, but being able to see the boss from the original two other than you being him will be nice.
  10. Saint's Row 3's first gameplay trailer.

    Short though.