Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. Being a cheap fuck, Apple products are typically out of my reach. But Sprint somehow scored this iPhone4 thingy and I'm seriously considering it possibly just to get it out of my system.

    I have a Galaxy S now, and intended on the GS2. But I can think of 2-3 reasons to get an iPhone:

    1. Android "Force Quits" piss me off
    2. I can use it in my car with the iTrip for my iPod.
    3. It will give Apple some money so their next CEO won't have to starve to death.

    Anybody else thinking about the new iPhone?
  2. LOL
  3. You seem to talk a lot about how much you hate Android and how crappy you think it is, so maybe give the iPhone a try.
  4. I'd say go for it if you just want to plain ol use your phone the way any regular person would. especially if you don't use android exclusive apps often (navigation, talk, music etc) or have a large collection of paid android apps. ios 5 plus icloud should make you really happy too.

    is losing WiMAX, sampled+ display, and 4+ inch screen a big deal to you?
  5. WiMax is something I'd like to have, but wouldn't miss. I'm assuming the iPhone will get the Sprint TeleNav GPS. Free turn by turn is one of the best perks on Sprint, and bails me out A LOT.

    Beyond that the 4.5" vs 3.5" is the biggest smack against the iPhone. I feel like the iPhone wastes a lot of available space...

    I'll wait another week and check them out head to head, it will probably come down to SAMOLED+ vs Retina.
  6. yea, prob best to try them both hands on. I hear Samsung really improved their new version of touchwiz. you see sprints announcement on their lte rollout plans? lte rollout begins the 2nd half of 2012. WiMAX will probably disappear sometime in 2013.
  7. Galaxy S2 has a bigger screen, but a slower chip set for driving what you see on screen. Significantly slower. You should also look at an overview of iOS 5, iCloud, and Siri features when deciding what to buy. It has some major updates in terms of functionality.

  8. I used a Samsung Galaxy in a phone shop the other and I couldn't believe how cheap it felt, it was all cheap tacky plastic.
  9. the galaxy s phones are strange. the feel light and feel like cheap plastic but they withstand beatings as well as any other phone. the galaxy s 2 also already shipped over 10 million worldwide in 5 months and JUST came to the US to only 2 carriers so far. you can already see where I'm going with this. its part of the design people seem to like. large skinny light phone.
  10. My Galaxy S has actually been much sturdier in the long run than my old iPhone 3GS. Looks can be deceiving.
  11. The SII does look and feel cheap especially on the back, but it's pretty sturdy really. I don't like the way the back cover feels and the way it sounds hollow when you tap it or crunches when you scratch your finger over it. It's made from some sort of carbon plastic though so it's very sturdy and bendable.

    The large size of the phone isn't so bad for portability because the thinness of the phone makes it seem smaller than it is. Put a thicker case on it and it seems too big to me, but is MUCH easier to hold without feeling like it will slip from your hand. I find iPhones too small for visual media use personally, I never got into hand held gaming devices in the past for this reason also. 4" seems like the happy medium, but who knows when this constantly bigger screen trend will stop.
  12. I've been researching the iPhone stuff a lot, since I'm pretty unfamiliar with anything Apple. This is a very cool feature I found:


    This would actually let me stream Netflix to my PC without technically violating the no tethering policy on Sprint!


    Those fucking shitbaggers make you pay $99 for a AppleTv device for this to work. Penny pinching fuckheads.
  13. Actually, Apple TV has it's own built-in connection to Netflix, so Airplay is not intended for use with Netflix. Airplay is meant for streaming your own content, like music, movies, photos, or apps to your TV screen. You can also connect via cables to your monitor/TV and mirror the content on your iPhone or iPad without the need for an Apple TV.

  14. Iphone 4s benched
  15. I'm having a really hard time finding this online. But does the iPhone support "unofficial" tethering? I have to assume it does, but can't find 100% conclusive evidence. Wired or wireless doesn't matter.
  16. I've only read them in passing but yea, it does, and you need to jailbreak and get the paid app. I believe you'll also have to wait for them to update to ios 5 but that may have already happened. Not sure if any of what I said is accurate, but hey, it gives you a base on what to look up. :)
  17. almost preordered my 4s today... but didn't :( decided to lavish away in dumbphone land for another 2 years. See ya on the iphone 5gs!!
  19. So, I played around with them a bit today. I don't particularly like either. The GS2 is too damn big in my opinion, and the iPhone4 is small. I think the 4" Galaxy S I have now, is just perfect.

    I think I will just get the iPHone for the year, and check it out. It will be my first Apple purchase and 2nd ever Apple product, so I want to see what the other side is like.

    I'm thinking I will probably hop to the Galaxy S 3 by next year, but who knows, I might end up drinking coffee at Starbucks and surfing the internet on a new Macbook.
  20. dunno if galaxy s 3 will fit your ideal size. they'll only stay at 4.3 inch minimum if not get larger. I think the galaxy s 2 hd that was released in Korea in august is 4.5 inch. iPhone new design, on the other hand, may hit 4 inch.