Samsung Galaxy SII

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  1. Anyone else eying one of these off?

    I just got mine yesterday and so far I'm finding it fantastic. The speed of the thing is simply amazing although I have yet to do anything too strenuous, just for general use it's flawless. The screen has to be THE best screen I've ever seen. Okay so the resolution isn't as high as it could be, but the contrast and colours are so far ahead of LCD's it's not funny. There's also basically zero eyestrain when using it and it's fantastic outdoors. I have the brightness set to about 75% and find anything higher just too high - not in the LCD way where it hurts your eyes and ruins the blacks, but it is just excessive to the point where I can say I don't need it to be that bright!

    The physical size takes a bit to get accustomed to, especially for me coming from a tiny non-smart phone. It's weird to hold at first because it's so wide yet impossibly thin and light. I will probably get a case for it very shortly. Not sure about durability really and I don't want to test it out. Having gorilla glass sets my mind at ease although I will probably still get a screen protector for scratches. The back cover feels very cheap and thin at fist, then I found out that it's actually carbon and can bend like crazy without losing its form. It does feel cheap though, which is a shame. A cover should fix this as well as making it more natural to hold. The rest of the phones structure has a high quality feel and elegant appearance.

    Still yet to properly test out most functions of the phone so I'll have to come back and report later. I'm a noob to smart phones but my house mate works in the field and fixes/provides in store support for a living so I'm coming up to speed fast.

    Oh yes, any must have apps people would recommend? Keeping in mind that US only apps like Netflix, Hulu etc are useless unfortunately :(
  2. This is at the top of my purchases for 2011. The bigger size of these smartphones is really easy to deal with because the screen is so fucking awesome. Usually, I wish my Galaxy S 4.1" screen was bigger, because you can do so much stuff with these phones.
  3. How are you dealing with the no LED indicator? I think there's some hacks on the way for it to light up buttons along the bottom when you get a notification. You may need to root though since I believe it's kernel related.

    Does that thing also automatically turn on to tell you it's fully charged? That phone would be perfect in my eyes if Samsung didn't move away from LED indicators.
  4. On the original Galaxy S, Cyanogenmod lights up the buttons on the bottom when you have a notification.
  5. I have an LED indicator on mine, and the front facing camera (Sprint). What do you mean about automatically turn on after charging? I never shut off my phone, so I'm not sure.
  6. Your epic is like the black sheep of the galaxy s series. A true mutation.. so I don't think you'll see it. But since the other galaxy s phones (in US and Europe/Asia) don't have an LED indicator, you can't tell when it's done charging. So when it's done it screens on and i think it might beep too.

    My dad has a samsung flip phone that does this, which is why he never charges it when he sleeps haha. I'd imagine a Galaxy S would light up the room at night.
  7. Ah my LED changes to blue when it's charged.
  8. I charged it while sleeping last night and it woke me up at 1am with a pretty loud beep. I can't remember if the screen turned on too, but to be woken up by a phone finishing charging is somewhat annoying to say the least.

    Not too sure about the lack of LED indication just yet, I guess there have been a few instances already where I was unaware that I received a message until a little later on because I was out of the room. I'm thinking about rooting it anyway since the provider put a lot of useless bloatware on it... only if I can store the rom for future use in case of warranty though :/

    Pretty minor issues thus far, but again I haven't used a smart phone for more than a few mins before so I don't have much to compare to.
  9. I would love that... oddly :|
  10. Are you looking at any new phones on Sprint this year? I was pretty hard set on the GalaxyS2. But the new Motorola Photon has some top notch specs, plus GSM global roaming. I think I'll cave in to those awesome LED screens coming out of Korea, the competition doesn't even come close in quality.
  11. Yea the Moto Photon is actually really impressive. I'd recommend sticking with the SGSII though. Since you're on a SAMOLED display now, it's going to be very hard for you to go back or in the case of the Photon, move to qHD. I played with the Samsung Infuse (4.5" samoled+) and I think i jizzed my pants.

    I think I'm going to get a Nexus phone next though.
  12. You're not kidding. The screen on my gf's iphone 4 looks so dim and crappy after looking at the super amoled on my galaxy s for the last year.
  13. Dudes got FF7 running on the SGSII

    Gameplay starts around 2:10 mark
  14. Not too surprising considering the Xperia Play for Android.... but still a nice development. Gotta be a bitch to play though.
  15. Indeed. Look at the dpad and button placement on the screen. Doesn't look too horrible as it's an rpg. action rpg, on the other hand...
  16. I haven't been able to get any games to launch in PSX4droid. Might look into it now the phones been out a little longer though.

    Very true about the screen, anything else now looks crappy.
  17. have you tried FPSe? Costs money.. but people seem to like this one.
  18. If true, ATT will be getting a keyboard version of the GSII.
  19. Gief...I want that keyboard version. As much as I like Swype it pisses me off sometimes. The keyboard is pretty much the only thing I miss about my Nokia N900 now.