<sarcasm> Silly Sony fanboy doubts 360 power. </sarcasm>

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  1. That's right. I doubt the numbers. What numbers? The numbers that most xboxers swear by.

    That sounds terrible and it's been burned into the minds of almost every Xboxer out there. They think that the PS3 is gimped and way behind the 360 in overall performance. They don't even bother searching for anything positive about the PS3, such as this...


    And they also ignore the bold statements from developers.

    All of this and the shear beauty of PS3 exclusives such as God of War 3 and Uncharted 2, gives me reason to doubt the power of the 360.
  2. Why resurrect this title? I thought we were trying to get away from Steve's reign of terror.

    But over the years, I've seen PS3 produce better graphical exclusives than 360. For whatever, that anecdotal evidence is worth.
  3. It's a popular topic. The "Dead Space 2 PC vs Consoles" thread was about to descend into PS3 vs 360 debate, so I thought that I would make a topic for it before someone else did.
  4. The PS3 has better looking exclusives, and multiplatform games look pretty much the same. In practice at least, the PS3 is more powerful.
  5. I was hoping this new forum would be completely unbiased unlike the previous forum. Unfortunatley not though, I can't believe the thread title is the original title
  6. Did you even read the first post?

    Christ, I think we need to get some <sarcasm> tags implemented on here and quick for people who don't want to read posts and take in what's being said.
  7. The PS3 will allways be favoured on this forum, dont worry.
  8. If someone can prove that the Xbox 360 is a more powerful machine than the PS3, then people will see sense. That said, I have had both consoles and Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 look better than any Xbox 360 game to me. And before you ask, no I am not a PS3 fanboy, I am and have always been a multi-console fanboy.
  9. LOL. No I actually wrote that.
  10. I've also owned both. PS3 exclusives look better than anything else on a console this gen. The only games that look better are a few high end PC titles, like Crysis and Metro 2033.
  11. What other than Gears of War and Mass Effect look better on the Xbox 360 by the way? I really cannot think of any at the moment that do.

    Maybe it is console comparison: gears of War 2 vs Uncharted 2. That should decide it, unless there is a better game for the Xbox.
  12. 360 fanbois hyped the shit out of Alan Wake, saying it would be the game that proved the graphical superiority of the 360 once and for all, but it ended up being a shitty game with average looking graphics.
  13. I think Lens of Truth did this a while back. I really enjoy reading these types of fanboy topics because you always get a good, lively and entertaining debate/whipping. It's even better when a fanboy refuses to admit defeat and scrapes every barrel ever .
  14. I think the non-biased sources have been saying from the beginning that the PS3 would pull ahead as developers learned to harness the Cell.
  15. Am not a 360 or either a PS3 fanboy, am pc fanboy forever :D
    Have to admit though the PS3 is a more tech advanced piece of hardware then the 360 was for its time (Blu Ray, Cell, XDR ram, etc) and exclusives tend to do things on it that the 360 simply wont be able to do. But hey the PS3 launched a year later aswel, tech evolves fast.

    Neither of the consoles beated the PC at the times of their launch though... ;)
  16. I was too Guerrilla's office about a year ago (their HQ is maybe 1 hour from my location in NL) and one of the people in there said the same thing about. They aswel told me that for Killzone for the PS2, they recorded sounds from just regular office materials, like a paperclip, or anything like that. They went to Russia aswel to record some concerts.

    Once i asked him if a quad core pc cpu would be better he couldnt answer me :p
  17. What did the Foley chat have anything to do with the text you quoted or your final sentence? I think everybody knew how guerilla did the sound effects for Killzone.
  18. The creativity of the developer perhaps? Developing for the PS3 and PS2 wasnt an easy task i suppose.
  19. I duuno, you quote text talking about harnessing the Cell, talk about staplers and concerts, then say the developer couldn't tell you Which CPU was better.

  20. Are you gonna comment every reply thats not fully correct like this or?