Saving the youtube/gaming community

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Armadeadn, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Some more info on the ridiculous new bill soon to be (or not be) passed in the US to stop people displaying footage (or pics) of games in youtube videos.

  2. Whats this law? Cannot be arsed right now to watch as going bed. USA only I take it?
  3. Well USA but since youtube is an American company who knows. It's basically going to make it so you get a strike (and the video removed) if you have music/pictures/footage or content from videogames in a video you upload without written permission. 10 strikes and you get your channel shut down and possibly court action due to copyright infringement. Say goodbye to Let's Plays.
  4. Oh well, I guess we will have to go back to the old days when we used to play games without using videos to help us get past places we are stuck on and so forth. The bad news is that game trailers will be missed although official websites such as IGN will still have them.
  5. Supposedly the guys who make Minecraft are implementing a system where everyone who has the game automatically has permission to upload videos showing the game, I guess they're wise enough to know you tube videos are amazing and FREE publicity for their product, maybe other companies will follow suit. EA and Activision will probably give you permission for a princely sum since they obviously need more money.
  6. Pay-per-view videos eh. That does not sound good.
  7. Wait, why would it affect gametrailers (outside of user created stuff)? As far as I know Gametrailers is an official site.
  8. I think phisix meant game trailers as in trailers of games, not the website.