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  1. I got home today and some sweaty dude I've never seen before started knocking on my door. I had no idea who he was, so at first I didn't answer. But he kept knocking, so I finally opened it to see what it was. He said he wanted to remove the dent from the front fender of my beatass ten year old honda that I really don't give a crap about. He said he would do it for 85 bucks. I told him it wasn't something I really cared about, and then he said he'd do it for 60. He was driving a white unmarked pickup truck that looked like a rental and looked nervous as he was wheeling and dealing. I asked him for a business card and what company he was with and he wouldn't give me that information. I finally just told him I didn't have the money on me and he left. I looked online and the mobile dent repair thing is a known scam. They smear some kind of goup over the dent, say they'll be back later to paint it and drive away.

    I've also had people try to pull the white van speaker scam on me at a couple of gas stations.

    Have you ever been scammed?
  2. What is this world coming to. That is why you never hand out your money until they do the job right. Even though I would have not said yes in the first place.
  3. Who does legitimate business door to door out of an unmarked truck? Seriously, who would fall for that? And next time dude, pick a car someone might care about, not a ten year old clunker.
  4. I got talked into joining the Marine Corps at 17 years of age. That was the last time I let someone sucker me into a scam.
  5. I almost got talked into joining Army ROTC, but the recruiters were such scummy used car salesmen that I didn't end up doing it. When it came time to sign the papers I said I had to think about it, and then I just dodged their phone calls.
  6. I was desperate to get out of the crappy neighborhood and family situation I was in at the time, so my judgment wasn't at it's best. I was a lot more careful regarding signing anything else.
  7. WTF AKs? Did you somehow avoid teh brainwashing program that everyone goes through? I've never heard any Marine every say anything but how fucking awesome they think they are.

    I like to point out how Marines are high school varsity at best, compared to the Jr. Varsity general recruit. The SEALs are college level, and you gotta be Team6/DEVGRU to go pro.
  8. The brainwashing failed. I was still a free thinking, mouthy smartass even after the indoctorination attempts.

    I was recruited to go active after infantry training to be attached to an ANGLICO unit and handle their communications, but I declined. My goal was to find a way to escape poverty through college, so I stuck with the Reserves after the active component ended.

    I was actually in stellar physical condition prior to joining, as I was coming out of varsity track from high school.
  9. I had that one a couple of weeks ago that I posted in the chat room where the 'toner salesman' tried to get my home address to send me some supermarket vouchers.

    Other than that the only other one I had was around 9 years ago. A bloke pulled over in his BMW and started showing me a watch, saying he had to rush somewhere and as a result was selling it on the cheap. He was pretty persistent, asking how much I would give him, how much I had on me and when I said I had nothing on me trying to get away offered to drive me to a cash point. Even 9 years ago I wasn't stupid enough to fork over a couple of hundred £ in exchange for an empty box.
  10. There was another one I forgot to mention, which was fake collection agency scam. A fake collection agency kept calling my house when I was in high school claiming I had charged thousands of dollars worth of porn and that they were going to tell my parents if I didn't immediately pay them some huge sum of money with a credit card. They called pretty much every day right after I got home from school. I actually did get my parents involved who contacted the FBI. The FBI were well aware of the scam and were pretty close to arresting the people responsible. The FBI said that a lot of people would just pay out of embarrassment because they didn't' want their wives, girlfriends, parents, etc finding out.
  11. I just occasionaly get those emails from foreign dignitaries and princes who want to marry me :( I than tell them to f* off I'm not gay!! I swear you guys get all the fun stuff..
  12. At least you would have a vast fortune. ;)
  13. perhaps I should begin my conversations asking for a prenup from now on :|