See you at the party, Richter!

Discussion in 'monkeyCage' started by chipaku, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. HOLY SHIT you guys are still here?? Does anybody remember me? Khai if you are still around man, please email me [removed]

    Does anybody know how to get a hold of Steve???

    Nice to see you guys, hope you have been well. Life has been very hard for lots of people. I've lost touch with the whole world.
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  2. Wow, now that names a blast from the past.
  3. LOL this dude has been signed up for every spam list in the world by now.

    removed email and account restrictions.
  4. Sure he's one of the original PVC members,
  5. Must be before my time... I have no clue who that is. Can't wait to read a 2nd post in in 2030.
  6. he went by Quaid in the forum
  7. Was there a pikachu back in the day?

    And how has this guy survived for so long in the internet when he thinks it's OK to post his email address on a public forum. Doesn't he know there are monslys around?
  8. Really? I don't recall Quaid ever saying anything this nice.

    "Nice to see you guys, hope you have been well."
  9. If I remember Quaid right, he's probably been living in a self built faraday cage so ECHELON can't get him. He must've just come outside.
  10. Either that or a peyote-fueled vision quest for higher consciousness at a remote Colorado commune. In other words, bfun's house.
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  11. @khaid: He was quaid? Well I never. Must update my files. Hi use to like his posts and wondered what happened to him. I assumed he joined a Nintendo training camp in East Africa and was off fighting the good fight.
  12. legend has it after pvcf went under, he went into full blown training and went to fight the good fight kony 2012 africa
  13. wait, did he make it to the end of the og forum? I thought we had the where's Quaid discussion for years. Now that he's gone again We should start Fresh.
  14. I think he disappeared around 2008/2009. Jebus, that's a long time ago now.
  15. Quaid had his mind wiped and became Hauser. He's at the party with Richter.
  16. So Quaid disappeared round the time Gripper and Alex showed up. That fits my theory of Steve being all of these people. I need to search monsly's basement for answers.