SEGAMAN Reporting for duty!

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    Last time I was here it was full on arguments about Resident Evil 4's visuals in PS2/Gamecube. Hawk had all kinds to say about Nintendo, and arguments of "plasticy" looking visuals were followed by screenshot after screenshot of Far Cry and Choas Theory.

    I loved this forum, or at-least its former self. I was unable to launch as SEGAMAN, I think the email I used has not been touched in over half a decade. So, I made a new account.... now how can I get my Vectorman avatar and title back?
  2. I gave you back your old avatar, but you're going to have to refresh my memory, because I can't for the life of me remember what your custom title was. Was it just "vectorman"? I don't know. It's been a long time.

    There's been a change in management and we're on a different server. That's why things seem strange and you weren't registered. Old members are trickling in now that we can be found on google again. Sushified just showed up a few days ago.
  3. Never thought I'd see you again.
  4. Oldschool. Good to see you back. Hopefully you stick around.
  5. It's great to see so many familiar names, it's a real blast from the past. I wouldn't worry too much about the old title, I can't remember it myself so it couldn't have been that good.

    I will try to stick around, I have a lot less time on my hands then my college days but I've been itching to find a good forum to get back into and this place was always my favorite. Are the boards fairly active these days?

    Anyway the place looks really clean and very easy to navigate.

    Good to be back, only at 2 posts again like a hairy man baby reborn!
  6. it'll get really active if it's a hot topic at the time. Our skyrim thread blew up around the time it launched. also, we seem to like to have a lot of debates about US vs. UK.
  7. I really need to get back into the habit of posting more threads like I used to.
  8. Did you really think this was the same website? Major points for us then!
  9. Nope, I knew it was a new version but major points none the less. I was able to find a link suggesting that the site had been closed (Chairmensteves)but that this, I guess you could say "passion project" or "remake" existed a while back. Also there was no Sega Cemetery, Playstation Paradise etc etc...

    But the place looks excellent and clean.

    I noticed there is no longer a Game review area outside the forums. I know it wasn't used a lot on the old site but I liked it. Also Quoting people and putting images in have been streamlined nicely!

    The CAPTCHA verification is driving me a little bonkers but if it keeps the site clean I am all for it. I remember back in the day there was some nazi nonsense or something to that extent that took down PVC for a while (or maybe I imagined that) but it was a bizarre event.

    Anyway places looks great, and I am stoked to have my Avatar back!
  10. The capcha ends after you post a certain amount of times. Dont know if it was ten or twenty posts.
  11. It's 15 posts. The Captcha is why we haven't had spammers here in ages.
  12. What she said.