Shadow of Mordor

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  1. Shadow of Mordor

    This game is pretty tough. It reminds me a bit of old school RPGs in that there really isn't an easy starting area. You're just kind of thrown right into the thick of things. The penalty for dying is high as orcs get promoted every time they kill you, and the orc officers go out of their way to hunt you down. It's best to go for stealthy takedowns or only engage small groups of enemies at first. I actually had to restart the game because I had screwed up too many times and there were too many high ranking orcs who kept instantly killing me. It's going much more smoothly now that I have a better idea what I'm doing.

    The graphics look excellent. I'm running on all ultra settings except for textures which are on high. It runs smooth as butter on my 780 Ti. I tried the ultra textures, and while I could run it with them enabled reasonably well, things could get choppy when there were a lot of enemies on the screen. Also I didn't find the difference in image quality to be very noticeable at all.
  2. Yeah those first two hours are a bitch. I screwed up a lot but did manage to pull through by going really heavy on the stealth.

    The graphic setting are unique. The resolution is fixed to native and then the game is adjusted to upscale or down scale as set by the user. It seemed to work well because I could hardly notice a difference between 100% and 70%.
  3. Still playing Shadow of Mordor. I really like the nemesis system with the orc captains. Carrying out assassinations is really fun. I feel like this is the game that Assassins Creed was trying to be.
  4. I love the chanting as the Captains arrive on site during a challenge. It's like there's a Pro Wrestling match about to happen.
  5. I've heard good things about that game, especially the Nemesis System, but it looks like it could get pretty repetitive rather quickly. Has anyone found this to be the case?

    On a side note I bought Watch_Dogs (PS4) off a friend for £20. He only played 10 minutes of it and was so disappointed with how it looked he turned it off and never played it again. He said the tipping point was when he saw a character's finger go through the phone he was holding to his ear. He claims in 2014 such basic errors on a "next gen" system shouldn't even exist (he's kinda right) and it just put him off the game.

    But I'm much easier to please.
  6. Shadow of Mordor

    Great game. Loved the nemeiss system. Beautiful graphics. Pretty good story. Really expected more out of the end boss fight though. It was just a couple of quick time events.

  7. Shadow of Mordor.

    Keep finding missions to avenge Monsly death. He must be rubbish.
  8. The stuff with the nemesis system can get really out of hand if you aren't careful because the orcs get promoted and get tougher when you die. Combined with the fact that there is no easy starting area, it's best to lay low in the beginning.
  9. I have been charging through, already one war chief down and most of the captains or middle captains are dead. I got the hang of the combat timing pretty quickly which helps. If you can time your fighting you can easily survive even when there are 10+ orcs and a captain or worse around you.

    I have only died once and that was when I saw a square but for some reason pressed triangle on a final attack counter bit.

    Now I have execute and the wraith slam AOE ability thing combat is even easier.

    I currently have level 3 abilities unlocked and am well on the way to getting the 4th tier open.
  10. Doesn't sound like you ever got gang raped by captains. I was getting hit by at least 3 at a time pretty early and a couple of them were stalkers that kept hunting me down. Any time a captain saw me the stalkers would show up for the party stronger than the last time.
  11. Only ever been in a fight with 2 captains and when I killed the one I was in the quest for the other one disappeared.

    I just focus on one and counter strike when needed, seems to work. The worst thing to deal with is archers but if you dance around like a spaz they always miss I worked out. I seem to be mixing abilities between Ranger and Wraith, they both have some handy stuff so I haven't been putting all my eggs in one basket.
  12. Well I had an encounter last night where in the end I was attacked by 3 captains or higher, I destroyed 2 of them and ran away from the last one as I was running low on health. Ate a bit of a plant and then proceeded to chop his head off. After that I went and took out another War Chief.

    No idea what you are going on about bfun, this game is not hard. Its almost like a DDR or GH game, its all about timing the button presses to what you see on screen.

    The one thing that did throw me off was a captain who 'hated defeated' so I couldn't actually damage him. Worked out that I had to vault over and stun him to get him to take damage. After all this I purchased the ability to go invisible for 20 seconds, I can now take out whole groups without any effort at all.
  13. Sounds like the game took it easy on you. The skills that the captains and chiefs have are supposed to be randomly generated. Some of those skills should have made them darn near immune to your limited attack skills in the beginning. Are you even collecting intel on the captains? Killing them using their weaknesses will get you additional skills. If you're finding it too easy I'd suggest turning up the difficulty. Death is actually an important part of the games experience. It triggers the nemesis system and you also learn some lore from the spirit.
  14. Yeah I have all the intel the ones still standing. I have killed quite a few with weaknesses, I already have quite a few golden runes.

    For the most part just press square in time and hitting Triangle when it pops up wins any fight. If you start to see a lot of them swarm you then go for the wraith ground slam attack and continue pressing square.

    For Lore I have been hunting down all of the hidden stuff, the items seem to have a lot of story packed into them. I probably have half of them available on the Mordor map, not gotten anywhere else yet.
  15. Taken down 4 war chiefs now and able to move on with the main quest.

    Number 3 managed to kill me once, I messed up my strategy and got overwhelmed.

    Taken me 7-8 hours so far so getting my monies worth.
  16. The second half of the game ups the strategy level. The number of immunity's to attacks doubles. I think that's when I really started to like the game. I had to start surveying the battlefield before I attempted to complete the challenges. Some of them took me a long time but I liked that. Talking about it makes me want to fire it up again.
  17. According to the game I am now 80% done, I have nearly finished all the side stuff, just the odd weapon mission (all collecting done) and all of the warchiefs are under my power.

    To be honest I didn't find the second area any harder, especially when I got the ability to control. Only a single war chief out of the 10 I have fought has killed me and that was when I got overrun by ranged.

    Next quest is something to do with all the leaders gathering at the fishing village.
  18. You going for the platinum Grim?
  19. It actually wouldn't be that hard, most of the trophies are pretty easy. The issue is I have so many games stacked up and I don't know if i have the time.

    Also there are 20 missions to complete for slaves which are quite dull, I have 7 or so but don't know if I can be bothered doing another 13.
  20. Might as well get your moneys worth though and an easy platinum if it's easy enough to do and not time consuming.

    The trophy road map for it says its easy enough to get anyway and you get most of them by the time you have finished the story. At least its not as time consuming as the Xillia platinum which I will be going for which requires starting the game over again with the second main character, but that involves un-seen cutscenes from her perspective as well as a level you can only do on her playthough so it wont be that annoying.