Shenmue 3 announced

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chi, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. Looks like Sega's finally pulled their finger out and finish the trilogy. They'll be adding lots more interactive stuff, like being able to adjust the mirrors in a car or choosing how to have your shoe laces laced.

    Combat's been beefed up, bit more Yakuza stuff in there and there are more jobs that you can take. Like being a paper boy, IT technician or a police officer.

    I'm pretty excited by all this.
  2. Didn't Sega just scrap a load of projects? If they are struggling for money surprised they are going ahead with an Indie title.
  3. Yeah, they scrapped a bunch of stuff so that they could focus on this. I heard they were working on a new Shining Force game but it's been cancelled now. Shenmue has got top priority.
  4. You unsubtle bastard, I shan't fool for your tricks!
  5. Apparently, its only until noon in the UK but all day everywhere else.
  6. O yeah, didn't even realise the date.
  7. WHAT! I thought you were playing along!
  8. Damn you!
  9. LOLOLOL April fool's!
  10. Nice try, but this April Fools Shenmue III threads have been happening every Aprils fools day for years.
  11. Got Arma. Mission successful.
  12. Yep. Well played you bastard.