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Discussion in 'Technology' started by OG10, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. So.. since we have all probably upgraded.

    Here is my set up at present. I hate browsing the web on the sammy 4k looks like shite.

    I can't wait for 4K IPS panels to become reasonable and large.. the BenQ 32" has my attention at the moment..

  2. [​IMG]

    2 x Dell U2412M (I bought a third but gave it to my wife to use with her desktop, 3 monitors was actually too much)

    Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch - i7/8GB/256GB SSD 1440p IPS

    Sennheiser HD600

    Core i7 4770K
    32GB Corsair DDR3
    Asus Sabertooth Z87
    Asus GTX 980 STRIX
    2 x 480GB Intel 730 Series in RAID0
    2 x 4TB Hitachi Ultrastar
    Seasonic 1000W Platinum
    Corsair 650D
  3. Beastly rig there man.

    Are you not tempted to get a QHD monitor? those Dell 27" with thin bezels look gorgeous, two of those will give you so much real estate.
  4. I've actually been eyeing the BenQ 32" QHD VA monitor, but keep missing the sales NewEgg sometimes has on it.
  5. Good stuff. I will get a 32" 4K monitor I think next. Just have to bide my time like yourself.

    Do you find the 32GB RAM useful for anything? I only have 8GB and haven't seen any issues with games, dunno whether to upgrade at some point.
  6. unlimited chrome tabs bro. You'll be living the life.
  7. Got sick of my loud case.. finally decided to get quieter components and a quieter case.. woah such a better experience!

    New cpu cooler kind of looks like too big in this smaller tower.

  8. I think Monkey has a Noctua as well. They're freaking huge.
  9. [​IMG]

    My work in progress 160" projector HTPC, and the culmination of all the questions I've been asking.

    I ended up going with a HP Stream Mini for only $160. So far it's been working like a champ with no 1080p playback issues over the internet/network/Kodi/etc... It came with a 32GB SSD, 2GB Ram, and most importantly a free copy of Windows. I saved at least $300 over the i3 Brix/NUC I had in mind. The Windows fee really made those unattractive, IMO.

    The temporary screen is 2 shower curtains tacked to the ceiling and clamped at the seam. Cost me $2.17 each!!! Looks damn good 75% of the time, but the wrinkles are noticeable in very brightly lit scenes. I might literally iron out the details and try to use this longer as a pro-screen is over $600. The quality is like 20% better for a 14000% price increase :'( :'( :'(

    160" Temporary screen
    HP Stream 200 Mini
    Microsoft All in One Wireless Media Keyboard
    BenQ HT1075 Projector
    Recycled and Frankenstein'd audio at the moment.
  10. Is the screen bent in the middle?
  11. The Brix made more sense for me because I already had spare RAM and a spare SSD from the Thinkpad T440p I returned to Lenovo in exchange for the X1C, and an unused copy of windows. Also the i3 Brix was marked down to $230 when I bought it, because the Broadwell Brix and Nucs were launching at that point. Starting from scratch, it would have been much more expensive. Also, that cheapo HP should be just fine. Intel HD graphics are quite decent these days and will handle playback without any issues. I've also heard good things about the HP stream series. They're supposed to be good budget machines.
  12. It's two shower curtains clipped in the middle.

    He could probably get a few metres of white cloth pretty cheaply if he didn't want to spend the money on a proper screen.
  13. It's probably an illusion but it seems like part of the screen is bent closer to the camera.
  14. Using an $800 projector with jury-rigged shower curtains...uhhhhh, no.
  15. Got rid of my sammy went for the Asus Rog SWIFT.. my G-Sync is so buttery..

    Dunno which 4K to get to go along with this for browsing and RTS games.. maybe a 21:9 screen is on the cards.

  16. Added a 21:9 to the mix.. this monitor makes web surfing so much fun.

  17. Can you notice the higher refresh rate on that ROG?
  18. Can't deny it: jealous of that 21:9 monitor. I was looking at that same model earlier this year. Unfortunately, my desktop upgrading spree for this year is likely done.
  19. I’m trying to figure out if the 120Hz refresh rates monitors are worth it. I was watching a video where these guys were switching refresh rates during a gaming session. Noob gamer never guessed the refresh rate correctly. Veteran gamer guessed it right every time. So obviously there is a detectable difference but it’s not an obvious one.
  20. I am a nub, but even I can tell the difference. Even on the desktop its easy to notice how the cursor moves.

    In game though.. wow I played FC4 and its mostly running at 80-110fps it feels like I am playing through butter. Added g-sync feature makes everything epic.

    Next upgrades for me monitor wise will be OLED panels whenever they come!