Silent Hill: Revelation

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  1. This is sequel to the first Silent Hill film.

  2. I'm expecting the 3D fog to be the best 3D fog I've ever seen.
  3. Sean Bean and also Radha Mitchell who was rose in the first film will reprise their roles for this sequel. A good move I think as returning main characters in sequels is always a good thing.

    I am looking forward to this, especially since I enjoyed the first one.
  4. so this is a sequel.. how will they be related to this story considering how the first movie ended?
  5. I have no clue, the ending to the first film was weird. Rose and her daughter were ghosts and Sean Bean was not. Heather, the main character for the sequel is the main character from Silent Hill 3, so it will most probably be taking Silent Hill 3's plot loosely. So no clue on how those two are used.

    I think the first Silent Hill film took things from the first two Silent Hill games such as the daughter going missing and the cop from Silent Hill 1 and the monsters and pyramid head from Silent Hill 2.
  6. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaally liked the first movie. I thought it brought in the mood very well when she first goes into the otherworld. And then again at the school. omg so creepy.
  7. Indeed. That is what the Resident Evil films after the first one lacked, although the newest one came a little closer.

    I have high hopes for this, and I hope it is more scary. I never played the third game so this films plot will be new to me. Exciting.
  8. i just realized a trailer popped up

    pleeeeeeeeeease stay creepy. from the trailer, it looks to be trying to be too mainstream. i expect sean bean to die.
  9. Of course he will.
  10. It looks just like the first, much of the awesome imagery and atmosphere re-created rather well, then it's all crapped on by a retarded action story to appease the dudebro audience. I can't imagine a video game based movie ever breaking this mould.
  11. It actually seems it may be close to the SH3 story although Pyramid Head is in this film but not SH3.
  12. The new Silent Hill game is suprisingly good despite being made by different developers