Sitcoms are for Fags

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  1. i typed that on my phone and i was at work (shift started at 4am). i seem to be typing in nonsense all day today.. i literally had to backspace like 40 times in that last sentence.
  2. @arma: "moo point"? It seems your concern with correcting khaid distracted you from the real enemy: YOURSELF.
  3. Yeah it's like a cows opinion. It just doesn't matter.

    It's a friends reference. You played your part perfectly.

  4. Suuuuure it was a friends reference - I can't BELIEVE I didn't see it.
  5. What sort of self respecting academic doesn't know friends inside out? Anyway you weren't meant to get it, it wouldn't have worked if you hadn't brought me up on it.
  6. What kind of person with more than 1 brain cell actually watched friends? Worst show ever!

    Anyway I thought only girls watched friends?
  7. Who the fuck watches Friends? Shittiest, most generic sitcom ever.
  8. arma's defense backfired..

    and meanwhile, gearbox shift codes:
    WinPC: 5TW33-SRZFH-63J33-BJ3TJ-FXF9F
    X360: KTKJT-Z3K5F-BR63X-K63T3-BBK66

    Redeem them quick. They'll expire in 1.5hrs.
  9. Not true. I can think of at least 10 sitcoms that are more bland, generic, and shit.

    Mike and Molly
    How I met you mother
    Jut shoot me
    Will and grace
    Two and a half men
    Dharma and Greg
    Mork and mindy
    Ally Mcbeal

    I'm not saying friends is the best, it surely does have a load of shitty unfunny moments but it also has some gems that me and my mates have laughed our asses off at over the years.
  10. That's a very contentious list, especially Seinfield - isn't that meant to be one of the best sitcoms of recent years?
  11. You're just angry because your such a big two and a half men fan.
  12. Men men men men, manly men men men! Men men men men, manly men men men! Men men men men, manly men, oo hoo hoo, hoo hoo, oo Men men men men, manly men men men! Men men men men, manly men men men!
  13. You memorised the theme tune! LOSER!!!!
  14. I sang it into Siri to save some time. That's my tiger blood for you.
  15. Indeed. Even if you never liked it, you can't deny the ratings that show got. It was crazy if you go back and think about it.
  16. I thought we agreed last night that you were going to buy a real phone, a man's phone! Next you will be making another career change into hair dressing and driving an Audi TT you girl.
  17. I shan't take phone advice from you, faulty nexus man.
  18. Big Brother and X-Factor routinely get huge ratings but that doesn't mean they're any good. I know Seinfeld was meant to be a show about nothing but I don't see that as a good thing to be honest. Kramer was an oddball, the rest are forgettable. Anyway I feel this thread has been slightly derailed.
  19. Well it's not just the high ratings. That show was part of pop culture for literally all ages in the mid to late 90's here in the US. Kids in high school quoting from that show and old people even understanding it. It dominated TV during it's time even through syndication. Don't let your preference against something blind you. I have all sorts of hate against FF7 but I'm not going to sit here and say that game was total garbage and was the downfall of the Final Fantasy series.

    Also, your guy's awesome X-Factor brought us creative geniuses such as One Direction and Cher Lloyd. I love you.
  20. Just like Big Brother and X-Factor then. I've found that the popularity of something bear no relation to whether or not I think it's good. Religion and Dubstep being prime examples.