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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by Armadeadn, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. So what's up with the heartrate monitors under our avatars? Do they signify if someone's logged in?
  2. I have no idea but I would say it is unlikely as they seem to be moving for everyone but only us 2 seem to be logged in.
  3. Nope. I did away with the post based ranks/stars, but the theme kept the empty field. I wanted to fill it with something for aesthetics. But I think the animated gif plus the slicker theme may be too ambitious for discount hosting. The sites been lagging pretty bad.
  4. The site seems as snappy as ever my end, are you in a shitty motel with bad internet or something?
  5. Same with me no problems at all I like the heart beat thing.
  6. Yeah. Seems fine in Firefox... Chrome has been seriously under-performing lately.
  7. Oh noes. Chrome sucks. FireFox is begging for money to stay in business and Microsoft is hinting that IE is done for. These are scary times. We'll all be using Opera soon.
  8. Obviously supersonic did not test the changes on every platform possible. I'm using IE6 and this site is literally slapping me in the face with a dick. Literally. A dick. WTF. That shouldn't be happening.
  9. I think it's just IE6 slapping you in the face with a dick
  10. Not sure why this place keeps having login problems... wonder if it's the forum or the server.
  11. Are accounts authenticated locally or from another server?
  12. The server with FTP folder and forum files is different than the database server. I don't know which one does authentication.