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Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Please give me suggestions on how to improve the forums.
  2. This theme needs a bit of a jig. This white and blue isn't really doing it for me. Will you be changing it to something similar to PVC?
  3. I am inclined to agree with Chi. The blue and white is very basic and is quite an eyesore.
  4. What's with the page telling us to wait 1second before being returned to the thread? is this removable? It just seems to be really redundant.
  5. I think it's important to bear in mind that this is a bit of a "work in progress" rather than the final product; I'm sure there's plenty that can still be implemented.

    In the meantime, what I'd like to see are ideas for sections on the website; what sections we should have, the style or tone the site should take, stuff like that. I have an idea in my head but we need some ideas..
  6. Well if you need any graphics work done, logos, the teeny tiny icon in the taskbar etc done, I could chip in a bit.

    I think the look we're going for is accessible, yet mature. Have we made any progress on the partner site?
  7. I assume that a recent conversations section on the front page will be coming? Couldn't live without that after all this time, I find that it can be hard to tell what is going on with forums that do not have one.

    I do note that there is a new posts button at the top but to have everything in one place would be nice.
  8. I'll add more themes later. That was about the lowest thing on my priority list in setting this up.

    That "1 second" thing is a delay meant to prevent people from spamming, but I put it on the lowest setting to keep it from becoming an annoyance. I might turn it back on if spamming becomes an issue.

    If you guys want to spruce the place up a bit we can do it. I'm not very artistic which is why I didn't even attempt it.

    The most important thing was getting us off a free forum where our community would have died a slow death onto a real website.
  9. Yeah just click on "new posts" at the top of the page. Gives you the same functionality.
  10. Well since we are doing reviews, we will need some sections for those.

    I say:

    - PC
    - Consoles
    - Classic Reviews - Classic reviews of PC, consoles, electronics whatever from yesteryear
    - Gadgets and Electronics
    - User Reviews (Exactly what we had on the PVC website, this would generate something for members to do as well as just post)
    - Entertainment (Such as Tv, films and reading)

    Any objections?

    As I stated before, the look and layout of the main will need to be at least stylish in a clean way, as ugly or boring layouts drive away people. It should be easy to navigate too.

    We should also design a logo for our website and forums. That will be cool.
  11. If only you could record the voicechat from our PS3 online games. You would have some cracking stuff right there.
  12. Okay, one thing we need is a "mark all as read" button.
  13. @Phisix

    There should also be a comments section for reviews, articles, and blogs on the main page. Half the fun with articles comes from the comments section.

    Ichiban is putting together the main site. I was just responsible for getting the forums going.
  14. We don't need to see who's moderating what thread, it's adding to the clutter.
  15. Just make the moderators universal.

    That is a great idea.
  16. cmdrmonkey and Ichiban,

    Wow, great job guys! The site looks great. Thanks for putting in all the hard work. I'm sure everyone appreciates it.
  17. Sorry about that. They're all just general mods now who should be able to moderate anything.
  18. Il be in for reviews, but not console related for me offcourse :D
  19. You should create a thread on who will be fulltime writers and what sections they will write in. That way we know who is going to work and on what sections.
  20. Is it possible to compress the width a bit? Something around your PVCF2 settings, the smaller widths work better with phones.