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  1. Razer seems to have something better then Kinect and Move.

    Cant wait to play Dead Space 2 using this system.
  2. [​IMG]

    Lol, it must suck to use motion controllers with such a small screen.

    Also regarding the video that shows him making sound by moving the controllers about I respond thusly:

  3. Its said to be better then Kinect which is allready aviable for the PC.
    Not all PC players use a small screen, for main use, am on a 30'' Dell, ive aswel a 52'' LCD for my PC gaming.
  4. Can it really be compared with kinect since it requires controllers? How can it be better if it works totally differently? Interesting that you found it though, sounds like one to keep an eye on, pc's have to keep up with consoles somehow ;)
  5. Nah, PC allready supports Kinect, so its atleast on a same level regarding this kind of controllers. Razer might have developed something better though, we will see.
  6. How long before it comes to consoles?
  7. Razer havent released any info on that, i think.
  8. Razer's Hydra controller will come with a Portal 2 bundle.

    A step up from Move and Kinect.