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  1. I want to see some gear and whatever else you got.
  2. How do you take screenshots in Skyrim?
  3. Are you playing it through steam? As with any steam overlay game, just hit f12.

    Protip: this works in any game, even non-steam games. Just add the non steam game to your library and launch it through steam.
  4. In Steam it's F12. I suppose Fraps would work for everything else. Don't know about consoles.

  5. I hate you Monkey! Having that whole set! I do have the Daedric 2h sword though, currently on 70 damage after upgrading once. I have a weapon to disinchant which has 20 extra damage or something to dragons, and shock damage to everyone else which I will be using.

    Just need hearts and I got the set. That orc mine means I can get unlimited Ebony ore for free. How did you get your damage up on that warhammer so high anyway?
  6. Is photobucket resizing your guy's images? I assume you guys don't actually play at that low of a res :(


    You can link directly to the steam url. For general purposes, I find imgur a superior image host.
  7. I play at 1680x1050. I think photobucket resizes the images.


    I would imagine that compared to armadeadn or armitage, my gear isn't that impressive. I'd actually really like to see their stuff. The warhammer is so powerful partially because of two handed perks and partially because both my gloves and boots are enchanted to enhance two handed attacks.
  8. Well compared to me at level 24 my weapon is only 70 damage so it sucks. Although I have yet to tinker with enchanting things properly.
  9. I snipped mine.

    What do you think of my armor? I think I'm at 22.
  10. I like it actually. Where did you get that mask from?
  11. There's a whole set of masks. I've stumbled upon some of them randomly. They're all enchanted and give you different abilities.
  12. did cmdr find a doom space marine collectible in the game or something? who's that dude on the table?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Have you seen the stone monument in the loading screen? It shows there at at least 8 Dragon Priest masks in the game. So far I think I have about 5, although I never use them because of my dragon armour, I'll use them with my non armour wearing characters.

    Anyway this is what I'm on about.

  14. [​IMG]

    And that's some of the good ones, mind you I do not have 100 in two-handed weapons and I have zero perks in two-handed weapons.
  15. Here's a picture of my mage (although I've since switched to combat to upgrade my fightin' skillz) sneaking around:


    I posted this just because I thought it was amusing.


  17. Freaking A. I had a shot while I was up 800 feet up in the air and now it's gone. In fact several of my screen shots in Steam are gone.
  18. Pansy magic user.
  19. Home, Sweet Home of Horrors in Markath...styling with some enchanted Blades Armor.