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  1. Vote in the 32nd Golden Joystick awards and get XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free on PC. It's a good game and I suppose voting is kind of fun.
  2. Looks legit:
  3. Dragon Age Origins (PC) free until 10/14.
  4. Payday: The Heist - Free on Steam for 24 hours.
  5. Metro 2033 free. 24 hour sale. I thought it was a good game.
  6. Xbox Live has The Walking Dead: Season Two: Episode 1 (Xbox 360 Arcade Game Download) for Free.
  7. Seasonic X1250 Gold - $110

    This is one of the best power supplies on the market. It's usually $250. Great for SLI. HardOCP gave it a gold award. Grab it while it's hot.

    If I didn't already have the Seasonic Platinum I would buy it.
  8. Wow. It comes with it's own carrying bag.
  9. Seriously. If you're running some crap offbrand power supply, this is the time to upgrade.
  10. Carrying bad is not uncommon if you buy decent psu's. I got a Corsair psu from years ago and it had its own bag too.
  11. Well it's not the weirdest thing I've seen. I had a motherboard come with a carrying bag. That's retarded.
  12. Are these for hardcore, build your own machine, strategy game lan parties?
  13. A bag for a modular power supply makes sense as you need something to hold the spare cables. A carrying bag for a motherboard not so much.
  14. Yep, both the Corsair I bought in 2008 and the Seasonic I bought last year had carry bags for the cables. I'd feel ripped off if I didn't get one with a modular PSU since I'd probably misplace the spare cables if I didn't have the bag.

    My old Coolermaster case came with a cloth bag. I still use it on my new case when moving house to stop it getting scratched.
  15. Microsoft selling refurb (maybe new) 32GB Surface 2 on ebay for $199.
  16. Windows RT is trash. I wouldn't pay for anything running that OS. I doubt I'd use it even if it was free.
  17. someone probably pulled those things out of a landfill
  18. Play store has free Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol 1
  19. 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" Tablet $200 + Free Shipping
  20. I have no idea if it is any good but the Amazon Fire HDX 7'' is £99 while stocks last for Black Friday.