Smallville Cast Evil Toilet Slavers for Heartburn Pill Cult

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    Remember the annoying but hot blonde chick who played Chloe the reporter on Smallville?

    It turns out that she's an evil sex slaver who blackmailed women into becoming sex slaves of a cult. She has been arrested and is looking at 15+ years in prison.

    Would not be surprised to see Kristin Kreuk get arrested next. She was also part of this cult and has also been accused of being a slaver.


    This is like some Smallville themed erotic BDSM fanfiction come true. How do I join this cult and have these incredibly hot women turn me into a slave?
  2. It's just a matter of time before a confidential file is uploaded to WikiLeaks that proves they are international toiletslaver kingpins.
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    Evil cult with a charismatic leader? Toilet slavers? Putting weird brands on people. These women are basically sub bosses from a Far Cry game.