Some Whites are feeling they are racially oppressed

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  1. Only in America

    I like that.. racial jujitsu..
  2. This is the Fox News/Tea Party crowd who are still butthurt that a black man got elected to the presidency.
  3. I think it's true to some degree. We get surrounded with messages of minority pride. A person can say I'm proud to be black, I'm proud to be Asian, but to say you're proud to be white is almost shameful. If a person has white pride they belong in a hate group.
  4. White pride invariably conjures up images of Nazis, the KKK, and other hate groups in most peoples' minds. Unfortunately it seems like white people can't be proud to be white without being douchebags about it.

    Also since when did CNN start turning into Fox News? Why are they carrying this ridiculous story? How delusional would you have to be to think that whites are oppressed in any way?
  5. Just have more kids! That will fix it.
  6. Sums it up really.
  7. I'm proud to be white
  8. I actually posted a comment on CNN after reading that ridiculous article. I think they followed it up the next day with a big feature story about whether or not the Bible specifically condemns homosexuality. CNN appears to be rapidly losing it.
  9. CNN is steadily turning into a clone of Fox News. I started noticing it a couple of years ago, but it's gotten much worse recently.

    The only TV news I watch these days is the Daily Show. That's how fucked up the news channels are in this country. The only news that isn't sensationalist political propaganda is on a comedy station.
  10. These articles seem to be a direct offshoot of CNN's broadcasting of Michelle Bachman's inane "Tea Party" response to the most recent SOTU. I think they pretty much showed their hand with that one. They seem intent on pretending that extreme right wing views aren't really extreme right wing views...they're really just grassroots viewpoints of the average American! Yessireebob.

    Though I was banned numerous times I actually like that forum because it's has very good quality phpBB or whatever it's called.

    Also, I agree to a degree as well but I'm not gonna touch this topic.