Songs that remind you of games you used to play...

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  1. Do you ever hear songs from games you loved and used to play all the time? How do they make you feel? I’m usually reminded of the good times I had not only playing the game but also the good times I had around that period. The nostalgia can hit you in different ways from making you somber in reflection to excited in rememberance. If this has ever happened to you post the songs and games here.

    Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne

    Paradise City – Guns N Roses

    Burnout Paradise

    It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube

    Young Turks – Rod Stewart

    GTA: San Andreas

    Getting Away With Murder – Papa Roach (either the original or the remix form the game)

    Funny Little Feeling – Rock n Roll Soldiers (couldn’t find a GT4 related vid for this song)

    Gran Turismo 4

    Just A Day – Feeder (amazing song)

    Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec

    Those are just the ones off the top of my head.

    End communication.
  2. How he hell are you even hearing this song if you aren't playing Burnout Paradise? Surely you are not subjecting your poor ears to that on purpose?
  3. Hey, sometimes you hear it on the radio and sometimes my ipod plays it when it's on shuffle. And thanks largely in part to burnout paradise I like that song now. It reminds me of the game which makes me happy.

    And I really like her new sinlge too and I don't care what anyone thinks about my tastes in music, I like what I like.
  4. Scarface was on TV last night, and nearly all of the music from it is in GTA Vice City.
  5. Bahaha, my only one is Gran Turismo too

    But all I can say is that I don't remember hearing this song on the radio.. then again I don't listen to the radio much.
  6. I wouldn't have thought the Cardigans would have been all that big over there. Surprised they had that song on the US version of the intro since all the in game music was different to the UK version.
  7. A HUGE number of songs remind me of FF11 since I used to play that 12+ hours a day with winamp open in the background, for 3 years.... and my playlist hadn't changed much since. Now it's all in but it still taunts me like a dog begging for your lunch.

    Also some songs from the maddens of the mid decade (like 2003-2008), those games always found the hits BEFORE they become (over-played) radio hits... or maybe they just pay the radio companies to play their soundtrack to make poor scrubs like me wanna play it more :x
  8. It wasn't until I saw scarface then went back to playing Vice City that I realised just how much that game is based on scarface, even the main room in the mansion you get is set up like scarfaces' room complete with monitors and shit. It's like playing scarface the game, only good.
  9. Bahahahah, that's the same thing for me and wow. oh man.. simple days.. simple.. dark days.
  10. Same here on the MMO front, 5 hours after work, 12 hours on weekends with headphones on with winamp on random.... I spent far too much time playing that game!!!!

    Guns n Roses - Out ta get me reminds me of one of the Carmageddon games on PS1, the live era 87-93 album had come out around the time I was playing it. I have put the song on now for old times sake, don't think I have any Carmageddon games lying around to tryly get the nostalgia going....
  11. Man I loved Carageddon with a passion since my mate first showed it to me on his pc. I ended up having Carma 1, 2: Carpocalypse Now and TDR 2000, all were equally good in their own right. I wish I had them now. Do you think it would be worth looking for them to buy? Would they still run ok on todays modern machines?
  12. What's that supposed to mean? Scarface is an awesome movie mang!
  13. I know, the film is one of the all time greats. But did you play the game? It was like a bad Vice City, hence my comment. Not dissing the film my man. Not one bit.
  14. That makes me another one. I only ever played WoW with my music on via my headphones. usually Jamiroquai, hardcore or Drum & Bass.

    There are a few songs that remind me of games, other than the GTA and gran Turismo games. I just cannot think of them right now.
  15. I do remember songs I had on while playing some games. :p
    That is something entirelly different.
    Had the CD of Aqua - Aquarium on while playing Tetrisphere.
    The Steps album while playing Might and Magic 6 or 8 or something.
  16. I use to play destruction derby 2 with a mate whilst listening to Placebo and NIN. Always the second course, trying to crash on the big jump in the most spectacular way. Im sure I use to play Pirates! with a rather stoned friend of mine whilst listening to the early shoegazing stuff of Verve. Seems a little odd, in retrospect.
  17. What seems a little odd here is that you would listen to Placebo of your own free will!
  18. Ah the mighty Grim. He who only listens to good music and thinks everything everyone else listens to is crap. Sorry our tastes in music aren't as perfect as yours. What do you listen to then eh, eh?
  19. I find Brian Molko's voice to be whiny and annoying and half of their songs seem to be him repeating the same lyrics over and over again with the same 4 chords being playing for 3 minutes.

    I would saying hearing Pitchshifter or Rob Zombie reminds me of Twisted Metal III but you never hear any of that stuff anymore.
  20. Everybody knows 90's pop is the best music ever. Placebo isn't even music, they tell you it is and you think it is. It's actually an audio recording of a guy reading a printing press manual.