Sonic 4: Episode 2

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  1. Finally! We have some news about the upcoming Sonic 4 instalment.


    Not much but it's a start.
  2. I wonder if they'll sort out momentum on jumps; that was such a fundamentally shit deign decision and ruined the first episode for me. I'll be very, very, very wary of buying the next episode. I don't know how Sega struggle to do something worthwhile with Sonic, especially in 2D.
  3. Perhaps the original Sonic Team are no longer there. That would be a good reason why Sonic games have been shite since Adventure 2.
  4. Losing momentum on jumps is just so wrong-headed that it baffles me. I stopped playing it when it became a problem on the casino level; I just fell to my death too many times because it seemed so weird. Sega certainly are no Nintendo when it comes to maximising their heritage.
  5. The first one was fun enough for one playthrough but there were certainly plenty of issues, especially the momentum problem you're describing. It didn't feel like Sonic it's as sinple as that. Hopefully they've been taking the waves of complaints on board. It may have sold well but it was a huge fail as far as Sonic is concerned. Having to wait a year for a game you can finish in 30 minutes sucks too.
  6. Something seems to be happening for Sonic's 20th anniversary but the debut trailer doesn't give away much at all.

    Could it be a remake?
  7. That would be Sonic Generations. Theory's include it to be another collection but with some of the 3D games, or perhaps a new game featuring past and present Sonic and co together for one game.

    I will post up a thread on it later.
  8. I've not bought any of the collections which is strange for as I'm a huge Sonic fan. If this collection contains both Sonic Adventures I'll definitely buy it.
  9. Both are on XBL and PSN though right? That would be an easier way. Unless you download Dolphin and emulate them.
  10. PS+ users got Sonic 2 this week and playing that just highlights how bad 4 is by comparison. I've never been a huge Sonic fan but 2 is a lot of simple fun.
  11. 2 is the second best 2D Sonic game I reckon. Right after Sonic 3 + Knuckles. I've got them all on my laptop if I ever want to feel nostalgic. Hard to imagine that was pretty much the peak of gaming at one point.
  12. Debut trailer

    You don't see anything but it confirms tails is back.
  13. That's been out for a while. Tails back and Metal Sonic is back.
  14. The point of episodic content is so that you can produce multiple instalments relatively quickly and cheaply. I know they've taken their time with this one but I'm pretty sure they've just been tyring to sift through all the complaints regarding Ep 1. It was ok the first time I played it but it overall the game was simply a huge fail. It had levels that were basically extensions of previous Sonic levels with new music, and don't even get me started on the physics. I don't understand how they find it so hard to replicate something that was achieved 20 years ago with incredibly inferior equipment. I'll be getting this but it's going to have to be totally different to Ep1 for me to say anything good about it.

    Also this:

  15. Gameplay trailer.
  16. About time. It's only taken them 2 years to make something you'll probably complete in 30 minutes. I thought the point of episodic content was so the time (and cost) between games was reduced?
  17. If they hadn't of made such a mess with the first it might have been quicker, had a lot to change...

    They also had sonic generations to work on in between.
  18. Launch Trailer

    Rehashing old levels much? I thought they'd learned after the first episode.

    Even though I feel it'll be crap I'm buying this when I have the cash. I'm a life long Sonic fan after all!