Sonic Mania

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  1. So after announcing the game is delayed a few months ago, there is finally a release date for the new retro-style Sonic the Hedgehog game. It will be out August 15th. I'm so excited. These games were my favorite as a kid.

    It has its Steam page up, if anyone hasn't seen the game yet.

    There is also this really cool trailer that mimics the Sonic CD intro:

  2. The new levels have Sonic CD type music as well which is cool. Liking how they have remix some of the old classic levels as well.

  3. I pre-purchased the game a few weeks ago. Then the PC version got delayed by two weeks. No big deal.

    Well... it turns out, Sega did not disclose that they would be adding in Denuvo during that two week period, which also happens to be the 14 day refund period on Steam. What a dog shit move on Sega's part, adding in SecuROM's predecessor in secret and delaying the game long enough to make it more challenging for people to demand refunds.

    I requested a refund anyways. I don't want to support a publisher that is going to pull that kind of dishonest, disrespectful non-sense. DRM malware is a decade old failure of policy.

    It really sucks. I was looking forward to playing it with my son. He loves the old Sonic games.
  4. Just put a good description of what happened in the refund request. In my experience, Valve/Steam pretty much always grants a refund if you have a good reason for requesting one.
  5. They issued the refund. I just got the email.

    Given the amount of negative reviews, I'm wondering if Sega will patch the game and remove the DRM.