Sonu's n00bish PC questions

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  1. Hey..first thread lol

    Anyways I wanted to ask you guys what would be better a HD 6850 or a GTX 460 1GB?

    Some benchmarks show GTX 460 ahead by 1-2 fps...

    Others show it demolishing HD 5850 (which is supposedly better than HD 6850)

    So pretty lost on who performs better.
  2. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I was under the impression it was a bit slower than the 5850 and pretty much on par with the 6850.

    I would probably go with the GTX 460 myself just because it supports PhysX and CUDA, while AMD cards don't.
  3. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I guess I'll stick too the HD 6850...

    I didn't notice the GTX 460 review was of a OC version...

    Don't really care about PhysX or CUDA...

    AMD consumes less power considering I have a mediocre 400W PSU.

    Thanks for the quick response though.
  4. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    If you already have a 6850 this is a pointless discussion since these cards are all generally in the same ballpark of performance.
  5. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Nvidia will be releasing the GTX 560 Ti pretty soon. It will be faster than the 6850 and GTX 460 and only uses 283-watts under load. The GTX 460 uses about 300-watts.

    It's retail price is about $250 which means the GTX 460 which can be found for less than $200 will still be the better value card. But if you want something a little faster that uses less power and maybe has more overclocking potential, the GTX 560 Ti is worth looking at. It should compete directly with the slightly cheaper 6870.
  6. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Okay so guess I'll figure out the graphics card decision when Crysis 2 launches

    Whatever happened to graphics cards without the PCI-E power connector?

    HD4670...seems the last decent of the lot... HD5670 is practically a waste since it offers same performace of 4670 with just DX11/Displayport support.

    No HD6670 series most probably either!

    Anyway so what's the fuss about 3D?

    What is it that I really need? drivers & a pair of those red/cyan glasses?

    Is that it?

    Or I need a 3D monitor (monitor supporting 120 Hz refresh rate) as well?

    I hear many people gaming with just those glasses & drivers saying its just perfect?

    There's anagylph 3d movie rips floating around as well...

    So is a monitor having 120 Hz refresh rate a must? or those glasses will do just fine on a LCD monitor at 60 Hz?
  7. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Whats the best way to move firefox bookmarks?
  8. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Click the bookmarks option on the toolbar, select Organise Bookmarks from the drop down.

    That opens a new window. Click the Import and BackUp tab click "Backup" and it'll create its own file. You restore in Firefox nearly the same way too.

    Don't know about importing those into other browsers though. Although I think they Chrome has the ability to read Mozilla bookmark files.
  9. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions


    Crysis 2 is actually supposed to have more forgiving system requirements than the original game.
  10. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Crysis Warhead was supposed to run better too but in my opinion it didn't look nearly as nice.
  11. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    The best way to move firefox bookmarks is to use Chrome
  12. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Xmarks is pretty badass.
  13. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    I just moved my entire user directory and they magically appeared.
  14. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    So I got my pair of those Red/Cyan glasses....

    Suprisingly it works on a normal LCD monitor.

    I just downloaded IZ3D drivers & it's basically good to go.

    It isn't that perfect or fun honestly.

    My eyes water big time lol.

    I played Prince of Persia, Star Wars Force Unleashed II for a bit with them it felt good but it's just like a novelty.

    Not to mention it helps a lot if your in a dark room...if you play with these in broad virtually feel nothing.

    A couple of 3D rips from you know *where* work as well. Avataar looks good but like I said it's just a novelty & I really couldn't manage to keep those damn things on for more than 30 mins at a stretch!

    To put things short 3D non-sense with glasses is just crap. Unless you have a monitor/TV which supports it's natively without glasses it'll always be crap lol.
  15. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Yeah, my computer sucks. First my video card starts giving me artifacts in games and either crashing to the desktop or locking up. Now the 1.5TB Seagate I use to store TV shows is giving me the click of death, and it's getting louder and more frequent. I'm going to have to dump everything on it before it dies.

    I wonder what will break next.
  16. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    What kind of power supply you got? Some people believe that a poor power supply will cause other components to start failing. Not sure if I buy into that.
  17. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    You using that with an Nvidia card?
  18. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    PC Power and Cooling. I seriously doubt it's the power supply.
  19. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    Thats actually very true.


    Dont thinkso either, thats one of the best brands regarding power supplys.
  20. Sonu\'s n00bish PC questions

    a 60 hz monitor will give you more headaches than a 120hz. I wouldn't call it just stupid just yet :p but I doubt it's refined enough to be useful atm