Sony Pictures Hacked - The Interview

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  1. I found out about this because Roger & Franco were on Stern... good stuff.

    Spiderman Re-Reboot:
    Kevin Hart:
    Adam Sandler:

    Jaden Smith:

    Megan Ellison:

    Fassbender's cock!

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    Angelina Jolie:

    Channing Tatum's weird email:

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    So other than the hack will this Kim Jong-Un film ever see the light of day? The premiere was scrapped after threats against anyone who screened it and Franco + Rogen pulled out of a press conference over safety fears.
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    And Sony cancelled the film.

    Several celebs are hitting out saying that the US gave in to threats of terrorism. I guess it looks like the hackers won, it seems if you now don't want something to happen you should put a message online threatening to blow something up.
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    I don't think Sony had a choice. Their exhibitors decided they didn't want to screen the film. I'd say it's 50/50 threats vs. litigious US society. You can bet if anything went wrong that weekend and some dude tripped over his seat and fell, they would sue Sony and the theater for 'foresee-ability'.
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    Did it leak when it they got hacked? Someone should just put the film on Youtube and let everyone see it.

    Put ads on and Sony can reclaim so of the money ;) $40 million lost is a lot, they have to do something with it surely.
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    Sony is releasing the Interview online today at 10 PST. Google Play, Xbox movies, You Tube movies, and
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    Ha! $5.99 for this POS looking movie is too much. I may have considered a free showing.