Sony PS4.5 NEO - Current PS4 Owners About to Get Screwed

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  1. 4k at 1080p...
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  2. Shouldn't be a problem. Also 1080p to 4k shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Seems like this would mainly appeal to Playstation VR owners in the short term, but I could be wrong.
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    I'm not convinced this isn't going to fragment the PS4 user base and piss off millions of existing PS4 owners who will become an afterthought when designing games for the PS4.

    The specs look like what the PS4 should have been back in 2013, instead of the dated, underpowered GPU hardware they ultimately went with. Also where are you getting Fury X or Polaris for the GPU? Everything I've read suggests it will still be a Radeon 7000 series, and probably be a little faster than a Radeon 7970.
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    Can't wait.
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  6. The internals match a slightly cut Polaris 10. No one really knows how fast the full Polaris 10 will be but based on the known internals and a demo with DX12 Hitman locked at 60fps@1440p it's estimated to be between 390x and Fury X. It's not apples to apples but on other Hitman Benchmark the 390x got averages of 59fps and the Fury X got 67fps. The Hawaii chip is being discontinued and it's not clear about the Fury line but if that's the case it would have to at least beat a 390X. The Polaris 11 is the slower chip and is more around the GT960 and R9 285 range.

    I think it might fragment the user base and that of course will be fun to watch.
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    I'm glad I just sat this generation out. A potato has more power than an Xbox One, and now the PS4 is going to have hardware fragmentation that's going to split its userbase.

    The lack of fragmentation was one of the few things consoles still had going for them. You could buy a system and be set for a generation. Developers would try to make sure games were really optimized for one set of closed hardware. Now that's gone. May as well just get a gaming PC.

    I'm surprised our PS4 crowd hasn't chimed in on this development considering they're about to get fucked in the ass and their $400 consoles are about to become an afterthought for Sony and game developers. Anyone with a first gen PS4 should probably sell it now while it's still worth something.
  8. I don't think it will split the user base, I am assuming at this point that the extra power will just be like turning the settings up on your PC.

    The base model will be 1080p30 at high while the upper might be 1080p60 on ultra. I suspect driving 4k will be beyond it as even high end PC GPUs still struggle with that on newer games. Sony aren't gonna stick a £500+ GPU in this thing.

    The extra power will also be used for VR I suspect.

    Chi will buy one.
  9. I think VR will be a large part of it's justification. It makes me wonder if they will still do VR with the PS4.
  10. They should have just launched the PS5 in Q4 2017 with a Polaris GPU and VR support, and skipped PS4.5. This sounds like a clusterfuck that will confuse consumers.
  11. This may be a reaction to NX, if Sony have info that it is powerful they don't want to fall behind.

    These are the comparison specs that Sony have apparently sent out to devs which is why Polaris is being mentioned as nothing else from AMD has the 36 compute units.

    CPU OLD - Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 1.6GHz NEW - Eight Jaguar cores clocked at 2.1GHz DIFF - 1.3x
    GPU OLD - 18 Radeon GCN compute units at 800MHz NEW - 36 'improved' GCN compute units at 911MHz DIFF- 2.3x FLOPs
    Memory OLD - 8GB GDDR5 at 176GB/s NEW - 8GB GDDR5 at 218GB/s DIFF - 24% more bandwidth, 512MB more useable memory

    Sonys mandate is apparently that all developers have to make all games run on the older unit as standard but can implement higher quality on the 'NEO'. All games submitted from August onwards must be NEO compatible.

    I expect we will see something at E3. Will Microsoft end up being third in line here?? The order in power could be.

    PS4 NEO* > Nintendo NX* > PS4 > XBONE.

    Alpolio will cry.

    *At this point we don't know, NX could be a beast and outpace them all.
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    There were strong words about the NX. They said if every PS4 game is ported to NX it will run them better. What if that is literally what Nintendo intends to do? What if they decide to get a port of every AAA game that comes out and it runs at a solid 60fps/1080p or 30fps/4K. That would have to frighten Sony a little. World wide I would assume the NX would steal more PS4 customers than Xbone. The game launch for the NX is also supposed to be way better than the Wii U.

    Microsoft's head of the Xbox division agrees with Monkey and said he doesn't like half-ass .5 upgrades. That might be true and if so they might have a better console than everyone in 2 years. Or maybe that is a lie and they can't get the chips they need in the necessary time frame. I'm wondering how AMD can even keep up with orders at this point. Sony, Nintendo, and Apple are all launching new products with Polaris this year and they have to have enough inventory for the PC market as well.
  13. There is actually a rumour that Microsoft have a few different prototype units and are trying to settle on one for their own .5 itteration.

    If that does happen this is more of a new console launch than a .5 for me. With all console hardware now just being adapted x86 stuff there is no reason we couldn't see new versions every 3-4 years. The architecture should be the same, the only difference will be power and performance so games can run on both with different settings applied. Each time a model is 2 versions out of date then it can be discarded and no longer has to be considered when it comes to developing games. Say the next one comes out in another 3 years times, the first PS4 will be 6 years old by then and end of life anyway. Something like the Tablet model Apple use with the iPad but less frequent than yearly, your one still works but it isn't the best we have to offer.
  14. They need a line on that in Vegas. I'll take the under.
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  15. It seems to suggest that the 3 wins are either Neo + NX and NX mobile, or Neo, NX, and Mystery Surprise console 1.5. The NX has probably been in the works for over a year but I'm wondering if the Neo and Xbone 1.5 were a total surprise. Also wonder if Nintendo is getting pissed because they thought they were the only new console coming out this year.
  16. The new PS4 system software update allows Pro owners to take advantage of the better hardware in games that don't have 4K updates from the developers. This kind of incremental upgrading is going to alienate console consumers. Consoles trying to be PCs will end up falling flat. I bought my PS4 when Destiny came out, so it was a couple years ago, but even still, I feel a bit burned because developers may end up focusing on developing for the Pro and then scale down for the PS4, meaning most PS4 owners get an afterthought product. Its irritating and I'm glad I'm moving back to PC. At least then if I'm not upgrading every two years, I am on a platform that lets me control how the game's graphics scale down.

    If this is the way Microsoft and Sony want to handle their consoles, it removes some of the simplicity, which is one of the biggest selling points for consoles, and their margins are going to suffer more than they already are today. The console market is contracting, and this type of bullshit will not help.
  17. alterego is the big winner in this thread!

    Some of the other Nintendo predictions are hilarious to read now. I hope PS4.5 crashes and burns. This type of lazy half assed upgrade should not be supported.
  18. I support it. It makes the youtube gameplay uploads soooooooooooo much better to watch. holy shit the ps4/xbone videos are total ass. i have no idea what bitrate those systems used for the recordings but they look like total shit. i watched a gameplay video jackfrags did of ps4 pro horizon zero dawn and it's finally on par with pc uploads quality wise.
  19. Do new consoles broadcast play-through themselves? I always assumed you needed specialty hardware.