Splinter Cell Trilogy HD

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Another old PS3 trilogy being re-mastered in HD. This time it is Splinter Cell.

  2. If they just had kept BC, every old PS2 game would be aviable in HD on the PS3.
    Alternativly you can emulate them on your pc if its powerfull enough and play them in HD.

    Really wish the old fat PS3 with BC and SACD/card readers was still being produced. Looked nicer aswel.
  3. Just wait until the PSstore brings out the PS2 section, they will release all these again.
  4. Then you have to pay for it. Most people allready have a bunch of PS2 games, that could just be played on the PS3 in HD if BC was there.
  5. Why would you want to play the PS2 versions of Splinter Cell anyway? The Xbox versions were superior, console wise.

    What versions will this HD pack be based on?
  6. Am having about 120 PS2 games, that i could just play on a PS3 (when i have one), in HD. Now they dropped BC and cash in with 'remasters' where you have to pay for.
    If my pc can play allmost all of my PS2 games in HD via software mode/CPU, why the PS3 cant? am sure its possible, if the PCSX2 team can do it, Sony can do it even better.

    Understand that hardwared BC was to expensive but they could write some software and release it in some firmware update or something.

    Reason is cause ive never owned any xbox, only PSX/PS2 so far, wouldve bin nice if BC was there. Sure i can emulate them on the pc in even higher resolution, but ive allways loved the Playstations for their BC.
  7. Maybe they'll bring it back if/when they release PS2 classics on the PSstore. It probably won't be until they've stopped milking these HD remakes though...
  8. Yea hope so. My PS2 is 9 and a half years old now, its time for an retirement and make place for the PS3, but its damn expensive still, 360 is half the price here.

    Btw, dont get me wrong, am a pc gamer fanboy, but ive allways had a playstation besides my pc's. Out of all the consoles the playstations are the only ones i like.