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  1. Should I live in a luxury building I can't afford without a roommate. Or live in a small ass place by myself. How many square feet is worth it to take on a roommate. I'm looking at about 1800sq ft vs 600 sq ft.

  2. I actually thought this was a thread about fmvs... or at the very least square pixels. /nerdrage
  3. rofl, glad i wasn't alone. i thought this thread had some video of some squeenix game.

    imo, you should be an american and get the luxury building you can't afford.
  4. x3

  5. I'm guessing you mean a luxury place with a roomate?

    I'd do that, provided you trust the person at least a bit and feel they are going to pull their weight.

    Living alone is pretty crappy. I thought I could do it, I was wrong.
  6. Living alone is fine. Living with a roommate you will eventually want to smash his teeth in like I do with mine today the little faggot.
  7. Renting or buying? We lived somewhere cheap for a good few years and it helped set us up quite comfortably. I think getting some money behind you when you're young is always good so I'd be tempted to go for the cheaper option.
  8. This. Roommates have a tendency turn into douchebags. Room with a friend and you won't be friends when it's over. I lived with a fraternity brother one year who I thought was my friend and he didn't pay his rent for almost six months and I had to kick him out. When I roomed with my brother, he turned my apartment into a garbage dump, and adopted three stray cats from the pound out of the blue without asking me first, who pissed and shat on everything. The best roommate I ever had was some dude I found randomly through a newspaper ad. He was a little weird, and he may have been a serial killer, but he was clean, quiet, and reliable with the rent money.
  9. Mine tends to eat more than his share of our food and taps on to my tobacco like there is no tomorrow. I kicked off at him earlier as he pissed me off. Will see what he says for himself later when he comes back.
  10. Just to back everyone up, having friends is one thing, living with them is quite another. I lived with a couple of my best friends years ago when we were starting out in the world. In the end I got to the point where I felt I wasn't going to clean up all the time if no one else was going to and being the highest earner out of the 3 got a bit fed up being the one who ended up buying most things.

    I ended up leaving after 6 months.
  11. Living with yourself is much better. You know your money is only going on you and if if there is a mess, it's yours. That said, I like it clean so when I used to live on my own it was always clean.
  12. Another thing, do you have a long term girlfriend? Moving in together isn't really that big of a deal. I wish I had done it sooner myself. We were already sleeping together most nights at either her place or mine.
  13. Why, because she cleans and does all your washing? :D

    Nah, aint had one for years. Preferring the single life at the moment.
  14. I was actually asking supersonic if he has a girlfriend since he's moving, and it might make more sense for them to move in together. Roommates are a pain in the ass. So unless your roommate is a chick and you're banging her, try to live alone if possible.
  15. I have a long term friend with benefits who thinks she's my girlfriend, and acts like my wife. But she is finishing medical school in the next state over. I've actually been looking to move to that area myself, but I'm very picky about jobs.

    The costs and stuff for the two places are a non issue. They are ballpark the same, and individual leases. It's just a matter of living with a roommate in a big apartment where I will have more breathing room. Or a studio about the size of my current bedroom.
  16. Cut the crap internet tough guy. I bet you act like a total whipped sissy bitch around her. I bet you even use the girlfriend voice on the phone.
  17. So the choice is on your own in a small place or living in a nicer, bigger place with a girl who offers some 'benefits'? What kind of QUESTION is this?
  18. For all intents and purposes she is my girlfriend. But I just don't like that term, it's so binding since it's basically a paperless marriage. I am not going to marry her until she becomes a full fledged M.D. capable of supporting my lazy ass.
  19. I'm actually leaning more towards the condo. Having a living room and separate dining room seems like it would be nice instead of a cluttered studio. If I wasn't such a cheap ass, I'd pay an extra $350 for my own 1 bedroom but it seems like a waste of money.
  20. Live on your own and deal with the loneliness - when your knee deep in someone else life and their associated drama, crap and asshole friends/ partner/ family you'll wish you could swap ANYTHING to be back on your own nerding out with music/ food/ tv / weirdness. Save yourself a shit-ton of hassle. Supercool-funky-fun roommates are a Hollywood lie cooked up to keep the mentally deficient out of the asylums they truly belong in.