Star Trek Discovery

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    CBS has unveiled its rumored new Star Trek TV show, which will be called Star Trek Discovery. It will be set in the prime universe, not the JJ Abrams reboot universe.

    The CGI looks bad and I'm not a fan of that ship design. It looks like an old Klingon ship.
  2. Actually if you take the old Romulan Bird-of-Prey, flip that disk shape on the right 180 to the left, you kind of get the new ship.

  3. Isn't this based on a Ralph McQuarrie concept design? (I don't know anything about star wars)

  4. Yes it looks exactly like his concept art from the 70s that he did for the first Star Trek film.

    I don't actually care if the ship looks weird as long as the show is good. There might even be some explanation for it on the show like reverse engineered Klingon or Romulan technology. Maybe we'll find out the ship has a cloaking device or something.


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  6. We already had an Arab character, Dr Julian Bashir on DS9.
  7. Muslims in Star Trek? Only in an episode where the crew travels back in time to bring extinct camels to the future.