Star Wars: Battlefront

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  1. Use to love the old Star Wars battlefront games but I didn't really enjoy battlefield 4 so I'm a little wary. I think I'm a bit too shit at them.
  2. Looks very similar to the Star Wars Battle Pod arcade machine.
  3. I got the original Battle Front but never cared for it. The Star Wars theme was nice but it wasn't nearly as good as Battle Field.
  4. Could be good. I haven't really been into Battlefield since Bad Company 2, but a Star Wars themed game might get me interested again.
  5. That almost looks too good. It says game engine footage but it seems like a lot for a PS4 to handle.
  6. Apparently it looks pretty similar from those who've tried the demo. I find that hard to believe but there you go.
  7. Frostbite 3 apparently.
  8. BF3 turned me off battlefield as you had to be an instant expert to have any fun vs the online competition, but this seems like it would be worth learning. At the very least every map won't be dominated by snipers... you'd hope.
  9. Early PC benchmarks don't make the game look too demanding.

  10. Beta now available.


  11. I gave it a go tonight. I didn't care for it too much. There are 2 maps in Beta. One is a pretty simple small map with just infantry which involved taking random points. It was actually fun for about 15 minutes then it got repetitive. The second map was the exact opposite. It was huge with all the AT-AT, turrets, Jedi, fighters bombers. I didn't actually enjoy that one much. It was so chaotic and lop sided. It's pretty easy to die 30 times if you're clueless and AT-ST can rape spawn spots.
  12. That's funny as hell.
  13. The reviews are at 72 and 3.7 for users. The general consensus is pretty much the conclusion I came to with the Beta. It's fun for a while but gets boring really fast. It sound like 9 to 10 hours is where the wall is at.
  14. It took me about 10 minutes to get bored with the beta. Not surprised the finished product is mediocre.
  15. Anyone get this yet? Was considering it as I enjoyed the originals but heard it was light on content. Enjoyed the beta but I'd heard that the AT AT assault was the only great level/mission in it.
  16. I started to get it, but I got the CoD:BO3 instead. I hated Battlefield 4. But I loved the Black Ops series. I'll probably end up regretting it.

    I got Rise of the Tomb Raider too. I'm sure that I won't regret that.