Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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  1. Some images.


    Kind of looks like the old Obi Wan Kenobi

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    That would make sense…Luke passes on the Jedi training to a newbie.
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    I love the stormtrooper helmets.

  5. Best part...

  6. First thing I though was this guy is going to cut his hands off with that.
  7. They've got it designed correctly for the change. There's now a physical hand guard that extends out on either side of the grip of the light saber.
  8. But what is the point of it
  9. Defensive. It provides a secondary way to block your opponents blade.
  10. But doesn't the blade cut through the metal?
  11. And hand guards on regular swords aren't made of double edged, super sharp blades. Never mind that a lightsaber is much more dangerous than that.

    Clearly the only thing that would make sense is something like a sai, where the two guard beams are angled away from the hand like a V. Have them protrude from as close to the main beam as possible so there's nowhere that contact with the metal handle can be made. Hell maybe even have a normal metal guard below the angled beams so that your hand can't slip into the guard beams.
  12. Look at the screenshot has a physical hand guard above the grip. The extra beams extend out of the hand guard. They're for secondary defense, not protecting the hand from sliding forward.

    I don't think the sai was used for sword-fighting, so that doesn't really make sense for a lightsaber. Those were originally Karate weapons.
  13. The hand guard is primarily for your own protection (prevents your hand from sliding forward onto the blade), while the horizontal light beams that come out of the hand guard can be used as a secondary means of blocking your opponent's lightsaber.
  14. How come no other lightsabre has one? But seriously, any rotation of the wrist and that person's saying goodbye to their hands
  15. Have you invented a new way for the wrist to rotate? Because it's not going to rotate straight backward into your arm.
  16. I must have done because that thing is clearly going to slice my arms
  17. Rotate wrist left or right = no contact with arm

    Rotate wrist forward = no contact with arm

    Rotate wrist backward = no contact with arm (due to inability of wrist to rotate straight rotates backward at an angle, so the beams would point to the sides rather than making contact with your arm)
  18. what is going on in here
  19. I'm still managing to slice my arms