Steam Holiday Sale 2012

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cmdrmonkey, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. The Steam Holiday Sale will be running from December 20 to January 5. Time to load up on cheap games.

    Deus Ex Human Revolution is currently $4.99. Anyone who hasn't played it should pick it up at that price. It's one of the best games of this generation.
  2. Wouldn't it just be easier to just inform people when steam isn't having a sale?
  3. ^ haha. That is pretty accurate.
  4. There's really only 2 sales people look forward to throughout the year. The winter/holiday and summer sales. IMO, the thanksgiving one is always a drag since the holiday sale is only a month after it. The random ones (48hr madness and small holiday) usually aren't that great.
  5. Dishonored is $30
    Borderlands 2 is $30

    I think we've seen these prices before.
  6. I think Hitman Absolution is the winner so far. 1 month old and at 50% off.
  7. They have Farm Simulator 2013 for $15. It actually looks good if you're into that kind of thing. It's the same company that made Street Sweeper Simulator which believe it or not was a bit of a successes because of it's press coverage.

  8. What a rip off, you can get those games for about £3 from a brick and mortar store over here. London underground simulator and street sweeper are the hottest
  9. How about watching paint dry simulator? I'm still waiting for that.
  11. I got Hitman: Absolution. I've never played a Hitman game but hey, it's so damn new, looks good and only $29.

    Got Dishonored with the last sale.. although I've only played a few hours. I also have like 10+ other games I bought in sales last year I haven't even installed yet. Damn you steam!

    I wouldn't mind seeing FarCry3, even only 15% off or something. Yeah, it's new, but so is Hitman. I guess Ubisoft might not be so generous... the bastards.
  12. Awwwh yeah! Train Simulator 2013 down from $54.99 to $13.79. I'd hoped that would turn up. Picked up the trains vs zombies 2 expansion pack as well. But now I feel bad that I missed Hitman: Absolution. Actually it's still only $37 but still. Xcom down to $33.49. Arma II is down to $17.99. It's worth getting for the Day Z mod...khaid. I'm going to think about that one.
  13. I'm spending too much on this damn sale, so business as usual for me. I got Hitman Absolution, Dishonored, and the Darksiders franchise with all the DLC (~$13 total on that last deal).
  14. I bought Universe Sandbox for $2.50. Could be fun for a few hours.
  15. bought the ME Pack (minus ME3) for 10 bucks I really wish EA would put ME3 on Steam already. And somebody port over Assassins Creed 1 huh?
  16. greenmangaming decided to top Steam by 10 fold by having their own borderlands 2 24hr sale by discounting heavily and on top of that, another 30% off.

    borderlands 2 for $21 AND the season pass for $10.50
  17. What is this season pass thing?
  18. Normally they give you access to all DLC scheduled for the year ahead.
  19. so basically you get access to all 4 dlc campaigns for a little over $10
  20. It's actually a one or the other thing. You can't use the voucher on both. I'm just going to get the game for $21 and see if it's any good.