Steam\'s summer sale!!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by knowname, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Started today and lasts until July 10th with different sales every day. Today's deals include, Medal of Honor for 10 bucks (sold!), Portal 2 for 33 bucks (pshaw), Witcher 2 for 33 bucks (I'da' bought it... if I had time to play it...), Borderlands for 7 bucks (bought it for the winter sale at the same price :/... though I bought mine in physical form to get the map... the map sucks and wasn't worth the extra 3 bucks shipping), Oblivion for 6 bucks (I'll buy it!) any other suggestions??
  2. I'll keep an eye on it. That's still more than I would like to spend on Portal 2.
  3. seriously thinking of picking it up for 150 bucks!! plus that Razer sixaxis thingy.... but I'm bettin the price for that thing will go down shortly. 150 bucks is a little pricey. I like that you can play games like bulletstorm and mirrors edge with it though but... no flight sims or driving games is a downer.

    I'm getting the telltale games pack for 50 bucks. That's a SHIT Ton of parody games ther...
  4. I bet Portal 2 will be $10 by Christmas. People talked about it for a day or two after it came out, and then I never heard anything about it again. I'm guessing it's short and/or disappointing.
  5. I know a guy, not even a good games player, and he clocked it in less than 7 hours. That isn't the kind of value I'm looking for in a game they're charging close to top dollar for.

    Christmas it'll be in the sale and I'll buy it then for peanuts; just like I did with Left 4 Dead 2
  6. Personally, I like short games with good stories. 60 hour RPG's were great as a teen or college student, but I just don't have that kind of time anymore.

    8-12 hours is the perfect length. You can tell a good story, and not need to devotes 6 months to finishing it.
  7. I think 20-30 hours is a good length. That gives a normal person a few weeks of play time. 8-12 hours is too short if you're expected to pay full price.
  8. I used to agree, but put it into modern perspective:

    A high definition movie costs about $25 when its new. The movies are 2 hours and non-interactive. A video game clocking in at 8 hours for $60 is quite a bargain at that price by comparison. I think our perception a bit off as far as value. A lot of that has to do with me not having time for gaming like I used to, so now finishing an 8 hour game is quite a feat and if its a packed, amazing 8 hours, I'll take that over a 20-hour snore-fest any day.
  9. so you'd expect to pay over 1000 bucks for a game like oblivion that'd give you 100 hours of... entertainment. No, sir, movies are just stupidly over-priced. I never and I mean NEVER buy them new. I don't even buy movies other than if I need a Blueray/ HDDVD/ DVD fix. Well I guess I'd buy anime new... but that's like tv episodes and gives you 10+ hours for your investment. Movies are stupidly expensive to make too...
  10. People still pay for movies?
  11. I all but stopped playing video games for the past few months. But it's about variety above everything. I can play one 30 hour game a month, or three 10 hour games. Personally, I'd take the experience of playing three different games over one.
  12. I play one 30 hour game... er well... 30 hours in game in a week and I thought I was slackin' lol.

    If you include Farmville that is, waiting for my plants to grow.... I spend WAY too much time on the internet.
  13. It figures that the moment I decide to build a new PC and need some software to test out my new rig that Just Cause 2 goes on sale and downloads slower than monsly's internet.

    I should be spending anything, but I did pick up The Witcher 2 at the reduced price. I also grabbed the Dreamfall games for very cheap and Lead and Gold for $1.50 yesterday.
  14. dreamfall huh?? I totally forgot about those... I'll put it off till the end though.
  15. Aye, some good lead and gold spendin'. It'll be a while before I can play though lol. Also, tell me of your opinions on The Witcher 2. I'd like to get it if it's combat system is enjoyable.
  16. Awesome games but the first one could run on a 486. Your new rig will be overkill.
  17. I'm on chapter 2 right now which is probably 10 hours in. The game is beautiful and combat can be difficult. So far the game is a bit too serious to be fun. I'm hoping that changes as time goes on.
  18. I keep hearing good things about the Witcher games. Is it worth picking up when they are both cheap?
  19. I heard the controls in the witcher 2 are a bit of a pain. It was explained, as if a pc elitest like Hellblower over there made it. The controls are mapped to keys all over the place and not customizable.

    Torchlight is sort of the same way, you control the damn thing with a 2 button mouse in the pc version!!
  20. Should I get Fable III for $25?