Steam Summer Sale 2017

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  1. I finally have the ability to play modern games again, and lucky me, the summer sale just started. Anyone have any recommendations? I'd love to pick up some games I've missed in the past few years on the cheap.
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    The crown jewel of this sale is Shadow of Mordor. It might be the best game I've played this generation, and it's 4 bucks. Get it now if you don't have it. Not only is it an amazing game, but it will push your new system to the limits on the higher settings.

    Witcher 3 GOTY is also a good deal at $25. Another one of the best games this gen.

    I picked up Shadow Warrior 2. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit.
  3. Shadow of Mordor and Witcher 3 are 2 of the best games in the last few years. Those are probably the only two games I've ever considered playing twice.
  4. I got Inside and Firewatch.
  5. I just bought Ashes of the Singularity yesterday. I like its slower pace better than most modern RTS games. It reminds me of old C&C.
  6. It looks similar in videos/screenshots to Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation. If it's similar to those, I might pick it up.
  7. I've never played Total Annihilation but I have played Supreme Commander. It is similar. What I like is that it is not like Blizzard's RTS games, where the winner is whom ever can generate their army the fastest. It can be played from a bunch of different strategies, which makes it more interesting IMO. I always preferred older RTS games because you had the option to fortify, rather than a constant rush strategy. The scale of armies is pretty huge as well.
  8. Fortify FTW! All those rushers can go to hell. I'm digging in.

    I got Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition. Dying Light has been on my radar for a while.
  9. BTW: If anyone earns any Summer Sale trading cards and you don't do the whole trading card thing, send them my way, I'll gladly accept donations! :D
  10. Got Shadow Warrior 2.
  11. Wow... almost bought Ashes of Singularity. I didn't think an RTS would have such heavy system requirements.
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    lol. Ashes of the Singularity has pretty basic system requirements. If you weren't always in a food coma, you could dig out your gaming PC and play it.

    Picked up Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak for 12 bucks
  13. Looks like you can earn several Summer Sale cards just by watching previews and adding games to your wishlist.

    Got what Remains of Edith Finch.
  14. You can get cards daily in by reviewing your discovery queue, which I've been doing. The other little quests are for stickers, which seem to be just something extra and don't really have a purpose. I am collecting them anyways because why the fuck not. Maybe there is a reward at the end? Probably not but I'll try anyways.
  15. It's because of the possible volume of units all in play at the same time. I haven't experienced it yet myself, as I've only done a few small skirmishes so far, but there can literally be thousands of units on screen battling at once, which looks insane and overwhelming in the videos I've watched.
  16. That game was built primarily as a DX12 benchmark to drive next gen hardware into the ground. I didn't even know people played it.
  17. Is No Man's Sky really that bad? I can't tell if it's actually bad, or people are just shitting on it because it's a bargain bin indie sandbox game that got hyped to be a AAA $60 blockbuster. All of the footage I've seen of it looks cool. And it's now down to a bargain bin price.
  18. Eh... $24 is still too much, wait till < $4.99 then get your refund. The game is only cool as a concept. The reality is purposeless tedium with no payoff. I saw the 'ending' on YouTube... you get wrecked on a planet in a new galaxy. Basically resetting to the beginning.

  19. You could try Elite Dangerous. It has some of the same issues but it's cheaper and Zero Punctuation guy seems to like it.

  20. I played No Man's Sky from beginning to end, and it was just a constant grind. Very little purpose. It's a shame, because it was a great foundation for something bigger that will never be. It feels like an Early Access game. It's not as bad as people say, it's just barely acceptable, but not the steaming pile of shit most people claim. Most people were just butt hurt by the hype. I don't mind a grind, but this game was even a bit much for me. Planet variety is slim and boring. The story is non-existent. The interface is outdated and flawed. But every so often you can find yourself flying a a good looking ship onto a planet that looks incredible and it makes you stop and admire it. But that is 1 planet out of a 100 of shitty rick planets with the same Spore-type animals on it. Wait until it goes $10 or less. And that may even be a bit too generous.